08 Apr 2014

And by the end of 2014 80% of all businesses in the UK will be formally using at least one Cloud service

Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) have now conducted 4 research projects over 36 months looking at Cloud adoption in the UK, and as such have a sound basis for assessment and evaluation of trends.

The fact that Cloud Computing has achieved a mainstream
deployment status across the UK market can be of little doubt
these days. The latest research reported in this White Paper
demonstrates that 69 per cent of organisations have formally
adopted (i.e. via the IT function) at least one Cloud-based
service within their business, and satisfaction with the use of
Cloud solutions remains high with 91 per cent of users stating
satisfaction with their decision to deploy a Cloud service.

What is predication for cloud adoption rates in 2014?
A quick glimpse at CIF latest report “UK Cloud trends and the rise of Hybrid IT” gives a great insight into the future trends. Here is what they expect to see in 2014…

Here is some of their future cloud trend predictions for 2014 …
Looking to the future, the trajectory of growth looks equally
healthy with 68 per cent of current Cloud service users claiming
they will extend the use of Cloud solutions within their business
over the next 12 months, and almost a third (31 per cent) of
organisations that don’t use a Cloud service today saying they
intend to adopt the first service during the next 12 months.

A further sign of health of the Cloud is that 78 per cent of
organisations stated that they actively consider whether a new
or replacement IT service should be delivered as a Cloud service
versus on-premise (i.e. it is considered a credible deployment
model on a case-by-case basis).

Some other findings:

  • First time adoption of Cloud Services will increase by 11 points (20 per cent in real terms) by the end of 2014, meaning that 80 per cent of all businesses in the UK will be formally using at least one Cloud service by that time.
  • 15 per cent of businesses will report a primary Cloud based IT strategy, 15 per cent will remain entirely on-premise and 70 per cent will have a Hybrid IT environment. Meaning that the majority of companies will continue to invest in on-premise IT alongside Cloud solutions.
  • Secondary adoption (i.e. existing users expanding their Cloud Services) will exceed 80 per cent of existing Cloud users by the end of 2014, meaning 4 out of 5 Cloud users will have increased their expenditure on Cloud Services.
  • Growth by application will likely be higher for application areas covering line of business applications, collaboration solutions, productivity suites, IaaS/storage, data back-up and disaster recovery.
  • Convergence of fixed / mobile, voice / data communications and IT will continue to be a core enabler of effective Cloud adoption both in terms of Cloud applications and device function.