08 Sep 2014

Business Mobile Services,essential for business communications on the go

Mobile communication is now essential for business, without it staying in touch with colleagues, contacting potential customers or providing support for existing ones would be impossible whilst on the go. And whilst most modern businesses have solutions in place for remote workers, one area that is often over looked is mobile communication- this article will look into what business mobile services can offer you.

What is a business mobile contract and how it is different to a standard mobile contract?

Business mobile is essentially a mobile contract that is tailored for business needs. You can choose a mobile contract that provides all of the services that you required for your business –i.e. high data limits, free calls, multi-user bundles – all delivered at a bespoke, affordable price.

Business mobile contracts are also available on a SIM only basis meaning you can source your own handsets. We recommend opting for inclusive handsets in order to keep pace with the market and make the most current features available to your remote workers.

Business mobile phones are becoming the one of the most important pieces of business equipment

Having a business mobile phone not only means you can communicate with your customers and your colleagues on the go, minimising the risk of lost opportunities because you were out of the office.  The benefits of business mobile phones now go beyond the ability to make and receive calls anytime and anywhere.   With the advances in technology in hardware and software mobiles are taking over from the desktop PC to be the most important business communications equipment.

With the ability to sync in house VoIP telephony with your mobile you can now make & receive calls from anywhere as if you were in the office. With improved internet access and 4G coverage you can also make video conferencing calls not to mention run your everyday PC tasks such as processing emails, update your diary, use the camera facility as well as the basic call and SMS (text) functions.

Another key feature of business mobile is the availability of package deals – multiple users can be signed up to a single group contract which is a more cost-effective way of providing business mobile services for your staff. This enables your team to respond to situations regardless of location, time of day etc.

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