10 Sep 2014

Lync’s key features and business benefits

Internal communication within companies is constantly evolving with businesses relying more and more on online solutions rather than traditional telephony systems.

But what are the benefits of Lync and what can it do for your business?

What is Microsoft Lync?

Lync is a unified communication solution that provides Voice, Instant Messaging, Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing from a single interface. Lync can reduce your operational and administrative costs by enabling your staff to communicate seamlessly across existing internal IT infrastructure. You can also use Lync on a mobile device business communications on the go.

What can Lync do for your business?

One of Lync’s main benefits is versatility. Lync can allow users to enjoy a conference experience that is unmatched in terms of the features it offers. Lync can support a conference call with multiple users meaning the days of arranging your team to meet in your conference room at a certain time are gone – you simply send a Lync meeting out to invitees from Outlook and undertake the conference call from your desk. This also negates the need to travel since staff at multiple locations can partake in an on-line meeting or conference via Lync.

Lync allows for more than just desktop connectivity, it can also be used on the go through either a smart phone, laptop or tablet device. Regardless of your location, as long as you have internet access you can still be part of a conversation.

Another advantage is the cost – there is no line rental involved, you simply need internet access. Microsoft Lync is suitable for businesses of any size and allows you to stay connected with colleagues wherever they might be.

What are the other features of Microsoft Lync?
Benefits of microsoft lync
To read in more detail about Lync’s features please go to our Hosted Lync page

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