28 Oct 2014

EOF Leased Lines teamed with Hosted VoIP

If you are looking to upgrade your telecoms infrastructure then one thing that is often overlooked is how different technologies can synergise with each other to create an efficient and high-quality Voice and Data solution. One example of this would be using a Hosted VoIP phone system (or Call Centre solution) running across an EoF (Ethernet Over Fibre) leased line connection. But how do these technologies work together? And how could they benefit your business?

How They Synergise

The quality of Hosted VoIP telephony is maximised by the dedicated bandwidth offered by an EoF (Ethernet over Fibre) connection thanks to its high speeds and negligible latency. Since a leased Line (EoF) offers dedicated, symmetrical bandwidth of up to 1Gbps a Hosted VoIP system can be deployed in the knowledge that QoS (call quality) will be retained with scope for web access and additional telephony features – eg, Video Conferencing or Hosted Call Centre.

The Benefits of a Combined Solution

An EoF leased line connection working in tandem with Hosted VoIP can provide a wide variety of benefits to your business. As mentioned above, one example would be VC (Video Conferencing). Meeting colleagues, customers and prospects is an important activity for any business although travel time and related costs can render the time around meetings unproductive. Businesses are increasingly turning to web-based Video Conferencing as an alternative.

SoConnect’s Hosted VoIP solution is HORIZON although we can also provide Hosted Microsoft LYNC, this offers everything you need to run an effective Video Conference with an easy to use interface and voice breakout for regular telephony if required. Hosted VoIP solutions like HORIZON can also offer full integration with popular email client programs like Outlook making it possible to go from emailing someone to having a face to face conversation with a single click. HORIZON also supports Voice Conferencing meaning multiple parties across the globe can be conferenced into a single call.

The benefits of Hosted VoIP (Horizon) are obvious for any business although you might be thinking it can all be achieved with any kind of data connection. This can be true based on a number of users involved and the number of concurrent calls required – SoConnect can provide further advice & guidance on this. In short, the more bandwidth the better although for a small number of users (concurrent calls) a Hosted VoIP solution can run over a standard DSL (broadband) connection although only by using a business grade – or Voice Assured – service can any QoS (Quality of Service) be guaranteed.

The benefits of EoF as a form of data connectivity are multiple and the symmetrical, ‘always-on’ nature of the bandwidth provided means that adopting cloud-based applications like SharePoint, Hosted Exchange and Hosted LYNC is made easy.

For more information on Leased Lines or Hosted Horizon please visit our web pages on them or contact our sales team on 0333 240 1824 / sales@soconnect.co.uk