12 Nov 2014

A fast, low cost solution to get higher broadband speeds in days: Bonded DSL

The UK’s roll out plan for Superfast fibre broadband (FTTC) is well underway although many business premises are still unable to access the new technology. For thousands of businesses, fibre hasn’t arrived quickly enough to maintain their competitive edge.

Almost all businesses are forced to deal with high-data demands as files get bigger, high resolution images more common and processes like VoIP becoming ever more popular. Hosting applications in the cloud is also becoming a sensible low-cost, high availability choice for many businesses who value reliability.

The problem is broadband speeds in many parts of the UK haven’t kept pace with this evolution. Solutions for faster connections entail significant investments, yet those businesses waiting for Superfast fibre broadband could find themselves waiting a long time.

This gap between the insufficient old ADSL broadband technology and the wait for new Superfast fibre technology must be bridged if businesses are to remain competitive and move with the times. Enter Bonded DSL: a solution that uses current technology, doesn’t require any costly specialist install; guarantees up to four times faster speeds and crucially, is available everywhere.

Why Bonded DSL could be for you

Hundreds of rural offices struggle with seriously slow broadband and despite repeated pleas to the government, it often falls to local communities to find a bespoke and costly solution. With Superfast fibre broadband not yet widely available many regions could be left out in the cold for an unspecified period of time. To ensure your business remains competitive it’s just not possible to stand still and wait for a better solution to come to you although while dedicated connections might be available, they still often cost prohibitive for many businesses.

Bonded DSL acts as a very efficient stop-gap. Based on proven, existing technology and free from any large scale investment, Bonded DSL can provide your business with faster speeds without major investment. Bond just one extra line to start and add up to 2 more according to your needs giving you a totally flexible solution with easy scalability – even the slowest connection has the chance to quadruple its performance so even if you’re only seeing 256Kbps, 4 bonded lines could achieve a more reasonable 1Mbps – and revolutionise your business.

How Bonded DSL works

Bonded broadband works by combining up to 4 ADSL copper broadband lines enabling up to 4x faster speeds than a regular DSL line.

Bonded DSL for faster broadband
How Bonded DSL can benefit your business

Faster broadband speed – both upstream and downstream By aggregating the capacity of two, three or four lines, you can potentially achieve two, three or even four times your current performance. These multiples also apply to upload speeds – Increased upload gives your business the opportunity to use VoIP or video conferencing technology far more easily.

By eliminating the disadvantages of being far from an exchange Distance from the exchange may be limiting your current broadband speeds – there’s not much that can be done about that although opting for Bonded DSL gives you multiples of your current speed based on the highest performing line. What’s more, as Bonded DSL uses existing line infrastructure, there’s no big installation bill – all you need are enough phone lines to support the service.

Offering greater reliability and resilience No business can last long without an internet connection before taking a financial hit. One line, and one connection means just one fault can take your internet connection down. Businesses can lose a lot of money waiting to be re-connected. With Bonded DSL, you’re connected to the internet across multiple lines. This means if one line fails you have the other lines as a safety net – they will continue to perform giving you an unbroken connection even in the event of one line failing.

Bonded DSL won’t break the bank As Bonded DSL solution makes use of ADSL lines already installed to your business, you avoid the huge upfront investment needed for alternative solutions such as dedicated connections. With no custom-installation and no physical disruption, ordering Bonded DSL is a much simpler process. It’s also easier to budget for as you’ll only be paying for what you use. The costs are very transparent: you pay for each line you bond based on a monthly usage allowance. What’s more, you can scale according to your needs – perhaps start with two bonded lines and increase when you have the budget.

It’s quick to order and install Some dedicated solutions are not only cost prohibitive but you can also be left waiting for months for installation to be completed. Bonded DSL is a much more instant fix taking just 10 working days from order to activation. It’s so simple to install, you’re able to get on with business whilst the technical stuff is done in the background.

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