24 Nov 2014

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a suitable internet data service, things such as cost and performance being the most obvious factors in any decision. However, one area that is often overlooked is scalability. Many businesses choose a data connection that suits them at the time but then, as the business expands, becomes too restrictive meaning they can often be forced into signing up to an entirely new type of package that is not suitable for their business. This article will look at the best data services available offering scalability for your business, both at the lower end of the connectivity ladder (DSL – Broadband) and at the higher end (Ethernet).

The best low cost data connectivity for scalability – Bonded DSL

Many businesses across the UK still utilise a basic, copper-line based broadband connection. This is often down to finance or location although for businesses in this situation using a restrictive data connection is often a problem since businesses often outgrow the connection and need more bandwidth. This is where Bonded DSL (Bonded Broadband) can be an attractive option. Bonded DSL utilises multiple copper lines to magnify DSL bandwidth.

Bonded DSL Scalability

Bonded DSL is recommended as a scalable solution at the lower end of the connectivity ladder is because it offers the choice of how many lines to bond (2, 3 or 4 lines) meaning if you only need a slight increase in bandwidth you may only need a single additional line and potentially avoid the cost of investing in a dedicated line like EFM or Ethernet over Fibre – in remote locations this can become very expensive.

Bonded DSL can deliver up to 4 times existing broadband speeds to a maximum of 40mbps download although like any copper based service bandwidth hinges on line length and quality.

The best business grade data connectivity for scalability – Ethernet over Fibre (Leased-Line)

Leased lines are dedicated data connections offering fixed, guaranteed, symmetrical bandwidth without the contention of broadband. You don’t share the connection with anyone else meaning the bandwidth delivered is stable and constant. Leased lines are ideal for larger businesses or for any business that is heavily reliant on its data connection with guaranteed uptime and service level guarantees.

Ethernet over Fibre – Scalability

When it comes to dedicated connections there are two core network options available UK-wide; Ethernet First Mile (EFM) or Ethernet over Fibre (Leased Lines). Ethernet over Fibre is the more scalable solution since this technology is typically provided on a 100Mb bearer (ie, circuit capacity at exchange level). So if you order 10Mbps bandwidth on a 100Mb bearer (10Mb/100Mb) you have scope to upgrade this bandwidth all the way to 100Mbps.

EFM provides similar service levels but at lower speeds – typically up to 20Mbps. WhereasEthernet Over Fibre Leased Lines offer speeds from 10Mbps all the way up to 1Gbps! With this variability EOF Leased Lines are more suited to businesses who may initially need a low bandwidth connection but want scope to scale this bandwidth as they grow. Ethernet over Fibre connections grow with your business and are fully scalable – as such they are the best form of business grade connectivity currently available offering scalability with bandwidth available up to 1Gbps and beyond.

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