Like anything these days, there is a huge range of data connectivity services to choose from. Each service is designed for different business requirements – in this article we will provide a brief overview of each of our Data services with their key benefits.

Business Broadband

Business Broadband (DSL) is the pack mule of the broadband world – it’s nothing to brag about but it gets the job done. DSL services can also be very cost effective and so long as you don’t overload it then DSL should work fine. Business Broadband is a copper based service in much the same way as a domestic broadband connection; there are however, a few key differences – the most important of which is that Business broadband connections can prioritise traffic meaning they would outperform any equivalent domestic DSL connection running over the same line.


The main advantage of Business Broadband is that it is very cost effective – Business Broadband is aimed at small or home office businesses with up to 10 staff members. Business Broadband is ideal in this situation as it can provide more than enough bandwidth for the business and doesn’t cost the earth – moreover business broadband packages are bespoke meaning we can work with you to find the best connection at a price point that you set.

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Bonded Broadband

Bonded DSL (Bonded Broadband) is a multiple-line broadband service delivering enhanced bandwidth. Bonded DSL works by combining or ‘bonding’ up to 4 ADSL connections together – the result of this is a much faster and more resilient connection. Bonded DSL is the perfect step up from a standard business broadband connection so if your business is finding that your standard copper line is to slow and often struggles to cope when multiple users try to connect at once, then Bonded DSL is a worthwhile option to consider.


One of the main advantages of Bonded DSL is that it is a very resilient connection, primarily because it uses up to 4 lines to provide internet access. Normally when there is a problem with an individual line all connections would be lost – however with Bonded DSL if one line fails then the other 3 will still function and you will still be connected at roughly 75% of normal bandwidth making it perfect for businesses that frequently experience data outages. Another important thing to note is that bonded broadband is available anywhere in the UK and is also very quick to deploy making it perfect for businesses who are looking for an upgrade in their connection but do not have access to Superfast Fibre connections.

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FTTC – Superfast Fibre Broadband

FTTC – Fibre To The Cabinet – is the product BT brand as ‘Infinity’. That’s Fibre Broadband to you & me. The service is delivered from your local BT exchange via a fibre optic cable – from there it arrives at your premises over a conventional copper phone line much like a standard broadband service. What this means for your business is that Download and Upload speeds are significantly faster than a standard business broadband connection, even up to 80Mbps.


The main advantage of FTTC is the incredible amount of bandwidth it offers – FTTC can offer up to 4x the Download speed of any copper based broadband service, Upload speeds are also significantly faster making it ideal for any business that is finding their existing connection just too slow to meet their needs. Another key feature of FTTC is resilience – fibre lines can support many more connections at once so contention is more easily managed meaning that bandwidth will not fluctuate significantly even at peak times.

It is important to note, however, that FTTC is not universally available throughout the UK. To find out if your business can upgrade to an FTTC connection please contact our sales team with your existing broadband line number(s) and they will check availability for you.

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EFM – Ethernet First Mile

EFM is unlike any of the other types of connection on this list as it is not a Broadband service. EFM is a dedicated Ethernet connection that links your business to the local exchange. This means there are multiple copper lines connecting your business to the local BT exchange which only your business has access to. The result is a much faster connection that is contention-free as well as being synchronous (meaning the Upload speeds and Download speeds are the same). EFM is perfect for any business that is reliant on uptime and uses ‘upload heavy’ services such as Cloud storage or VoIP services.


The main advantages of EFM are its Dedicated and Synchronous nature. As a dedicated service adopting EFM makes perfect sense for businesses that require an uninterrupted internet or that rely on the web for other key business systems such as telephony. The synchronous nature of the connection also makes it perfect for businesses that use or rely on cloud based systems such as cloud storage or VoIP.

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Leased Lines – Ethernet over Fibre

Leased Lines or Ethernet over Fibre are the highest grade of fixed line data connectivity service. Like EFM, Ethernet over Fibre is a Dedicated and Synchronous connection but instead of running over copper lines this service uses a fibre-optic line. As a result it provides much faster speeds and can also be scaled to grow with your business.


The advantages of Ethernet over Fibre are very similar to the advantages of EFM, the only main difference being that Ethernet over Fibre can provide faster speeds and can be scaled as your business grows.

Another important advantage of Ethernet over Fibre is it is a bespoke service meaning you can choose the speed that is right for your business and only pay for what your business requires. Note delivery of Ethernet over Fibre connections can entail ECC’s (Excess Construction Charges), to find out more about what an ECC is please read our What are ECC’s? article.

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If you would like more information on any of these services please follow the links above for each service or simply contact our sales team at or Tel. 0333 240 1824