16 Apr 2015

Every day at SoConnect we get a wide variety of questions about all of the services we offer and EOF is one of the services potential clients ask most frequently about so we thought it would be a good idea to answer some of the most common EOF questions in this handy article.

Q: What is Ethernet Over Fibre Leased Lines (EOF)?

EOF or Ethernet Over Fibre is a dedicated data connection (see question 2 below for definition of dedicated connections) which is similar to EFM (Ethernet First Mile) only instead of using copper wires to transmit data signals, EOF uses a fibre connection. As a result of this EOF can offer much faster speeds than any other dedicated service and is also a bespoke service meaning that you can adjust your level of connection between how much you want to spend and how much bandwidth you want or need.

Q: Why is Ethernet over Fibre leased lines one of the best data connections?

There are 4 main reasons why Ethernet over Fibre is one of best data connections available to businesses in the UK.

  • SPEED –

    The most obvious advantage of an Ethernet over Fibre Leased Line connection is, of course, the speed; EOF connections are available at speeds rated in Gigabits per second! With these speeds, it is possible for the largest businesses to fully exploit services hosted in the cloud in the knowledge their data connection will more than meet these demands



    Another key advantage of Ethernet over Fibre is that connections are scalable to suit your business need and can provide speeds from 10Mbps right up to 10Gbps. EOF can also be easily upgraded without the installation of any additional hardware, this means the connection can also be scaled as your business grows so that you can increase speeds without changing technology.



    EOF is a dedicated connection. This means that your business is the only user of the connection, unlike broadband services where a data line is shared between multiple businesses. This helps to provide a more stable and consistent connection that is free from common issues such as contention -which is when there is a drop in download speeds as a result of too many users sharing the line at the same time meaning you will always get all of the bandwidth you pay for.



    EOF is a Synchronous connection. This means that the Upload speeds and Download speeds are the same. This may not seem like a big deal on its own but it can substantially improve the efficiency of other popular services that businesses use such as cloud storage, VoIP services or any kind of document transfer service and this is due to the higher upload speed available from an Ethernet Over Fibre service.

High upload speeds mean that even large data files such as full HD videos can be uploaded to the internet in a fraction of the time, VoIP conversations can also be improved to a very large extent with improved voice clarity and with latency reduced massively.

Q: How is an Ethernet over Fibre connection set up?

When deciding to purchase an EOF connection there are a few steps involved, however, most of the work is carried out by your Internet Service Provider (like us at SoConnect).

The first thing that happens when you decide on an Ethernet over Fibre connection is an estimate of the cost of installation, SoConnect actually offers a free estimate when considering an EOF service- from this estimate, an ECC is worked out.

An ECC or Excess Construction Charge is a charge that covers all of the work that needs to be carried out to install the service, including things like digging channels to lay the line and –if it is required- small amounts of road work if the line has to go under a pavement or road. This may sound expensive but it is often a lot less so in reality and as of the time that I am writing this article there is the government Connection Voucher scheme that can cover the first £3000 of any ECC’s associated with fitting an EOF service, where applicable. . Further details on the Connection Voucher scheme are available on our Connection Voucher webpage.

Where any ECC is identified by a survey this would be offered at cost over/above this figure for you to accept or decline. Then the installation process will begin.

Q: How else can Ethernet over Fibre benefit my business?

Because EOF has such high bandwidth it can support hundreds of simultaneous users, making it perfect for medium to large businesses with 100+ employees, even at this level the connection will still be as fast, so if your business relies on a consistently fast connection then EOF is the best solution for your business. Also if your business is interested in saving money on other telecom and communications cost by fully utilising your data connection for services such as VoIP or Cloud Storage then EOF is definitely worth exploring.

Hopefully this article has helped to answer some of your questions about EOF, for more information please visit our Ethernet Over Fibre leased line webpage, or you can contact our sales team at sales@soconnect.co.uk or call us on 0333 240 1824.