07 May 2015

Two business surveys have shown how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can grow their businesses by adopting fibre broadband. The research from Superfast Cornwall provides a fantastic case study of the impact of fibre on all types of business.  Some examples of the positive impact are:

1. Fibre is a real enabler for business growth

Adopting fibre, the research shows, changes the way businesses operate with increasing agility and productivity. This then results in bigger growth and increased revenue. A significant number – over 50% of the omnibus survey – stated that fibre had enabled them to grow. What’s more, close to 40% stated that fibre had contributed to new product development.The sentiment was summed up by a respondent in the qualitative study who said:

“As the business grows Superfast is the only real option which will support that, and is supporting it.”

2. The more connectivity, the more a business can do

Researchers found that SMEs are more reliant on fibre broadband than their previous broadband connection. This is because fibre quickly results in not only improved working, but also new different ways of working. Strong examples from the mid-term study back this up – over 80% of the SMEs stated it had reduced time and in terms of work patterns, 61% said it had enabled people to work in new and different ways, while 50% indicated that fibre broadband had enabled remote working or more efficient home-working. This ‘virtuous circle’ of more opportunities is summed up well in this quote from an accountancy firm:

“The exciting thing for me it has made my business model and what I plan to do completely different, I will be able to widen it to a much larger operation than I would have with a land line system because I can communicate with more and more people. Potentially my business could be ten times bigger than it is now, probably more.”

3. Fibre leads to increased use of cloud and collaboration tools

Although some businesses may have used cloud services before, fibre was seen as the catalyst for companies a big factor is the confidence in the reliability of the connection, with fibre perceived to be more reliable than one key statistic from the mid-term study shows which applications have been used more since the fibre installation. The biggest areas are simultaneous multiple connections and large file transfer, though 15% stated they use cloud services more since. This can only grow with more awareness of the potential. There was also a marked increase in collaboration opportunities, which survey respondents felt was really benefiting their business. One commented:

“I use a lot of webinars, so for me it’s made a massive difference. I can have consistent communication with people without it dropping out and losing connection. When you are in the middle of a sale at the end of a presentation, if you lose your broadband, you’ve lost everything.”

Another commented:

“I think it’s shaking up how I work, I’ve got a new iPad and a new iPhone to go with the Superfast, I think you need that, it means you can be smarter in how you work, it shows you’re at the cutting edge.”

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So it is clear that fibre broadband has created a real buzz about business transformation, especially at the SME level. What has been seen and measured in Cornwall can be reflected elsewhere in the UK. To find out more about the fibre broadband services SoConnect offer please visit our fibre broadband webpage on them, or you can contact our sales team atsales@soconnect.co.ukor call us on 0333 240 1824.

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