14 May 2015

Call centres can now be adopted by SME’s and corporates alike. Call centres were once the reserve of the very biggest multi-national businesses who could afford the expansive offices filled with thousands of phone lines and agents, this is no longer the case. With new VoIP technologies such as Hosted Lync and Horizon – as well as other Contact Centre applications like ContactWorld – small businesses can run effective call centre solutions without having to invest in extra office space or additional phone lines – as a result businesses can minimise their costs and still deliver excellent customer service.

Call Centre Applications allow you to manage your incoming and outgoing calls in a way that ensures effective communication and time management. A call centre solution can make answering calls, placing orders, taking payments and dealing with customers much more efficient, ensuring calls are transferred to the correct department person first time. This provides a greater level of customer service and increases customer satisfaction as a result.

What are some of the features of a call centre solution ?

Auto Attendant:

There are a few benefits of having an auto attendant. Firstly Auto Attendant is especially useful for creating the appearance of a larger company for smaller companies. And secondly this feature can replace the need for a receptionist because it routes all your incoming calls based on the menu options offered to the caller. An IVR/Auto Attendant can also inform callers of specific information such as store hours and other contact information.

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution):

Automatic Call Distribution is a clever way of distributing calls that enhances the caller experience and improves customer satisfaction. It allows for queuing and routing of inbound calls based on your organisation needs. Calls can be forwarded to the appropriate team member with the skill set to respond to individual customer enquiries.

Call Recording:

For customer service, evaluation, audit and compliance purposes, call recording is an invaluable feature.

Hosted services such as Lync and Horizon use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology allowing you to run voice traffic over your data connection – this offers high quality telephony that can be used from an office computer. Since VoIP uses your data connection your call & line costs can subsequently be dramatically reduced.

Horizon now comes pre-packaged for call centre use, it can be set up to run as a call centre with minimal effort and provide all the call management applications outlined above such as auto attendant, call recording /monitoring and Automatic Call Distribution among others.

Can my business benefit from a call centre solution?

Almost any business can benefit from adopting a call centre solution – whether it’s designed to provide a more efficient way to answer customer queries and solve problems or to better inform potential customers by always having staff available to answer calls, a web based call centre can also provide the infrastructure your business needs for adopting marketing strategies and increasing the number of outgoing calls your business is able to make.

How can my business really afford a call centre solution?

Many businesses believe that call centre adoption is unaffordable and would not be cost effective to install/maintain. However, even small businesses can implement and benefit from a call centre solution. With Horizon starting from only £8.95 /month per user and ContactWorld from £25 per user per month it is affordable for businesses of any size. And right now SoConnect are offering free trials for all of our hosted services – contact us for further details.

Hopefully this article has shown that even smaller businesses can benefit from adopting a call centre solution and they are no longer the preserve of the multi-nationals. For more information on Call Centre solutions and Hosted VoIP please visit our web pages or contact our sales team at sales@soconnect.co.uk or call us on 0333 240 1824.