28 May 2015

Here at SoConnect we are loving our new Raspberry Pi.

We bought the Raspberry Pi 2 to display our Akixi wallboard (which gives us a real-time statistical displays of our business related activity and our call management) as an alternative to running an expensive laptop or desktop. Its perfect, it takes up little room plus cost hardly anything to buy. We are also about to start experimenting running Windows 10 on the Pi. So we wanted to write the blog post to spread the love of the Raspberry Pi as well as highlight some of the cool things people use them for, hope you enjoy it!

When it was first developed by two Cambridge Scientists in 2012 the Raspberry Pi was expected to sell no more than 1000 units, 3 years down the line and 2.5 million devices later the single board computer has been a huge success because of its compact design and low cost. But what exactly is a Raspberry Pi and why has it become so successful? This article from the guardian has more:

The Raspberry Pi computer – how a bright British idea took flight

Want to find our some cool things that have been created with the Raspberry Pi then check out these articles:

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Want one? Start your own Raspberry Pi project. Find out more on the Raspberry Pi site: https://www.raspberrypi.org/

Get one now: https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/