05 Jun 2015

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding satellite broadband is that it is an option for people who have no other viable services available by way of a reliable internet data connection. However, contrary to popular belief many businesses choose to utilise a satellite data connection either in its own right or alongside other services to provide a level of resilience via failover. This article will cover 3 reasons why businesses choose a Satellite broadband connection.

1. Consistency

The main reason many businesses choose a Satellite broadband connection is that it can provide a more consistent level of connectivity than other available services – this can be the case for businesses that are based in remote locations and whose options are limited in terms of internet data service availability. It is even found in built-up inner city locations where networks offering fixed-line services are too crowded to provide stability. In both scenarios a satellite broadband connection can help deliver a more consistent service as it is not reliant on a fixed-line meaning that in locations where fixed-line infrastructure is lacking businesses can still benefit from an improved level of data connectivity by utilising the satellite network and removing the need to rely on inconsistent ground based alternatives.

2. Competitive

Another reason why businesses choose satellite connections is they provide competitive speeds when compared to fixed-line alternatives. The common belief is that Satellite broadband connections are slower in terms of download speeds but this simply isn’t true. A satellite broadband service can provide speeds of up to 22Mbps download and 6Mbps upload which, in most cases, is far more than a standard copper based DSL service. As a satellite connection is not used to the same degree as the copper PSTN network this also means this type of connection is less likely to be affected by common broadband problems such as contention (where multiple users sharing a service locally can affect performance) . Satellite broadband is therefore not just a comparable service to a copper ADSL line but is in some ways superior making it the preferred option for many businesses across the UK in town and country alike where conventional DSL availability is poor.

3. Cost

On top of its Competitive speeds and consistent connection levels, Satellite Broadband is also surprisingly affordable. Many businesses believe that having a satellite connection is too cost prohibitive as they imagine the cost of implementing the physical infrastructure is too great to justify. However, Satellite broadband is not just affordable as a primary connection but also cost-effective enough to be used as a back-up connection for situations where a primary line fails. Satellite broadband services can cost as little as £24.95 /month and whilst there are nominal deployment costs involved for hardware and installation, it is still a very affordable option for many businesses. More and more companies – even in urban areas – are now choosing to install a satellite connection as a back-up service in the event that their fixed-line primary service fails – so Satellite Broadband is increasingly being adopted as a form of failover.

In conclusion it is clear that Satellite broadband is not just a data solution businesses use when they have no other option but is in fact a solution that provides many benefits to businesses that choose to use it either in conjunction with other services or on its own. For more information visit our Satellite Broadband services web page or contact our sales team at sales@soconnect.co.uk T. 0333 240 1824.