05 Jun 2015

SoConnect has just introduced a new online mobile store to simplify the process of setting up a business mobile service. You can browse through the range of handsets we offer to find the model that’s right for you, then order it through the store and have it delivered next-day. SoConnect offer a range of SIM cards that are compatible with all available handsets meaning you can deploy an operational mobile service overnight – acquiring a Business mobile service has never been easier. But what are the benefits of a business mobile package and how are they better than equivalent consumer services?

Business Mobile

A business mobile service can drastically change the way you do business on the go. With business mobile packages you can provide your staff with a cost effective mobile solution that provides the level of service you require, including unlimited minutes, texts and data at lower costs than the equivalent consumer services often provided over the same networks. Business mobile services also come in individual or group packages allowing you to provide a tailored service for each worker or a group service that provides your workers with the level of mobile connectivity you need whilst saving money in the process.

Business Mobile packages can also work in conjunction with a range of cloud based services to improve business integration and create a more synchronised work environment. With cloud services such as Hosted Horizon or Lync (now Skype for business) you can synchronise your office phone with your mobile device allowing you to take calls out of the office, anywhere. Hosted VoIP services also allow you to host audio conferences with multiple parties around the globe and come with handy IM (Instant Messaging) services allowing you to communicate in a variety of ways. As these services are available on mobile you can be a part of the conversation no matter where you are meaning you are always up to date and in the loop. Business mobile services can also be integrated with cloud storage services allowing you to access all of your files and folders on the go, this vastly improves worker efficiency as your office is effectively always with you. You never have to worry about leaving that all important presentation at home or not printing off the latest sales reports, with Hosted cloud services and business mobile you have everything you need no matter where you are.

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For more information visit our  SoConnect’s Business Mobile services page or visit our business mobile handset store.

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