12 Jun 2015
“Please be aware that calls may be recorded for security and training purposes.” If you have ever had to deal with a big corporate then you will have probably heard this phrase (or something similar) played down the phone line, but have you ever wondered why so many of the businesses adopt call recording ? Whilst security and staff training are some of the prime benefits of a call recording service there are many others – this article will explore some of the main reasons why businesses choose to adopt a call recording service.

1. Training

Whilst it seems obvious many businesses overlook the value of recording calls in order to train staff, finding a way to simulate a real world scenario for call centre staff to deal with can be tricky and expensive with some companies even hiring actors to act as a happy (or not so happy) customer for the trainee to deal with in an appropriate and professional manner. These methods can be time consuming and incredibly expensive – other methods can also seem unconvincing and may not provide a realistic situation which is crucial for providing an adequate level of staff training. With call recording this issue is resolved, you no longer need to recreate a realistic training environment – instead your employees get to practice with real calls and experience what a call centre environment is really like. Moreover, as the calls you are using are recorded, they don’t cost your business anything meaning you have an effective and low cost training system in-place at the immediate disposal of your employees.

2. Increase customer satisfaction

Having good customer service is vital for businesses and call recording can go a long way to improve the way your business deals with customers. Many services offer the ability to record information about your calls such as length, waiting time, how many calls are being handled by a specific employee and even how many dropped or lost calls you have received. However, whilst this data can provide useful pointers for optimising your call centre experience, the only way to know exactly how customers feel about the service they are receiving is to listen to what they have to say. By collecting data on how customers interact with employees and any recurring complaints that may be received, by collating this data you can improve the way your business interacts with its callers to ensure they receive the very best level of customer service.

3. Never miss anything

Apart from being used as a tool to improve customer efficiency, call recording can also benefit your business in other areas such as conference or one to one business calls. We all know that conference calls are not always the most organised form of communication – with multiple parties all trying to get their point across it’s easy to miss important dates, facts or figures amongst the rabble. With call recording services active you no longer have to worry about missing that important piece of information during a call meaning that business runs smoothly and that you’re always on the same page with your business partners.

4. Never lose anything

Another advantage of recording business calls is as a form of reassurance in the event of verbal agreements or to confirm information that was only communicated verbally. This provides a level of assurance knowing that whatever is said over the phone is not lost so that in the event of a dispute you have all the information you need.

5. Security

Unfortunately not every call can be straight forward and simple – as frustration increases incidents can occur meaning you will want your staff to be prepared and protected . Whilst call recording cannot prevent these situations (unfortunately there isn’t a technology that can) it can do the next best thing by recording problematic calls – this means that your staff can be protected from future calls from the same number and in the very worst case scenario these recordings can be invaluable as evidence for official investigations. So although you cannot prevent incidents of this nature you can protect your staff from their implications. Many businesses also feel that making callers aware they are being recorded helps deter callers from being an unnecessary nuisance making call recording one of the best ways to protect your staff while on-shift.

We hope this article has helped to explain some of the many benefits call recording can bring your business, for more information on the service please have a look at our Call Recording webpage or you can contact our sales team at sales@soconnect.co.uk T. 0333 240 1824.