28 Jul 2015

Email is now crucial for most businesses – few services provide communication with co-workers and clients as quickly & effectively as email. Traditional in-house Email solutions can be old fashioned and difficult to manage. Hosted email solutions are the answer. By moving your email into the cloud you can benefit from a fully Managed email service that is scalable and efficient. Calendars and contacts can instantly be shared enabling more efficient and cost-effective collaboration across your business.

What is Hosted Email?

Hosted Email – like SoConnect’s Hosted Exchange service – use cloud technology to provide an efficient email service in the cloud thereby removing the need for on-site server hardware and associated management. With Hosted email all you need is internet access and suitable device to access your email account via the Hosted platform. You access your email by simply logging in through a secure site. This dramatically reduces costs and provides improved flexibility since the solution simply grows with your business.

Improve Customer Experience

Hosted Exchange gives you the opportunity to build on your customer service by enabling you to contact, collaborate and share data wherever you are whenever you need to. You are no longer tied to your desk, Hosted email enables you to work from anywhere where you have internet access. By switching to Hosted Email there are no limits to when or where you work meaning no matter where you or your employees are you retain productivity levels and ensure business continuity.

Enhanced Security

– Emails, calendars and contacts are stored and delivered via the best ISO 27001-accredited Tier 3+ UK data centres with enhanced network security fronted by multiple resilient firewalls. This provides unparalleled privacy, protection and availability of your data. All mailbox connections transmit data using 2048-bit SSL encryption for maximum security.

– Backed-up data Industry leading cloud-based security and segmentation ensures your data is safe and secure. Data is also backed-up each day via mirrored data-centres via a 30 day retention period.

– Award winning Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus: All inbound email is passed through an award-winning Email Security system providing you with outstanding mailbox protection as standard.

Cost effective

The biggest burden of on-site email solutions is cost. Investing in server hardware and setting aside space within your business premises can be challenging – not to mention having someone on site oversee all this! Hosted Email takes care of all this for you – no need for on-site hardware, mailboxes simply run in the cloud with full management supplied by the service provider.

With SoConnect’s Hosted Exchange service you simply pay a monthly cost per mailbox which includes all related hosting and maintenance. By choosing a Hosted Email solution like SoConnect Hosted Exchange you not only remove the burden of managing an email server from your IT staff but also freeing-up time and resource to invest in other areas of your business.

SoConnect Hosted Exchange – Key Points
Reduced IT infrastructure costs No upgrades or repairs
Instant deployment Shared calendars and contacts
Massive 50GB per mailbox Easy mailbox control
Enhanced security Public folders and subfolders
Mobile email ‘push’ technology Instant scalability

Hopefully this article has helped you understand some of the key benefits of a Hosted Email solution like SoConnect Hosted Exchange.

SoConnect can offer a FREE migration consultation and formulate a seamless, hassle-free migration plan for you – we will completely manage your migration to the cloud by us from start to finish making the transition straightforward and simple to set up – tailor make your Hosted Exchange service and start experiencing better collaboration today. For more information visit our webpage on it, or you can contact our sales team on 0333 240 1824 /sales@soconnect.co.uk `