19 Aug 2015

Leased-Line connections are becoming more and more popular with businesses throughout the UK and for good reason. For guaranteed uptime and service levels leased-lines cannot be beaten by other data connectivity services. For those whose budgets can stretch to this form of connectivity there is no better option for high symmetrical speeds and reliability. However, when choosing a supplier there are a large number of factors to consider. In this article we will highlight some of these from cost and provisioning experience to ongoing support and technical expertise – all of which being areas in which we at SoConnect excel making us one of the UK’s leading providers of leased-line connectivity.

The first thing most businesses consider when comparing suppliers of any service is, of course, price. Leased-Line pricing is bespoke based on bandwidth and location meaning pricing can vary a great deal from one provider to another. Leased-Line connectivity is at the higher end of the connectivity price spectrum primarily because of the enhanced business grade connectivity and service levels it provides. While we are not arrogant enough to say we will always be the cheapest we will always be competitive and do our best to match or beat any better price you manage to source. Our EFM packages (Ethernet First Mile) start from just £140 /month with Ethernet over Fibre starting from £299 /month (or possibly less if you are eligible for the Connection Voucher scheme).

Whilst a competitive price is obviously an important factor in any buying decision, there are many other factors to consider when choosing a Leased-Line supplier.
Provisioning Excellence and Unparalleled Support

With a business critical service like a leased-line you will want to ensure the delivery of the service is efficiently project managed and then effectively supported by a suitably experienced support team and an industry beating SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Leased-line provisioning can be a challenging process due to the lead-times and potential pitfalls involved, the SoConnect Sales and Provisioning teams are fully acquainted with these issues and can guide you through every stage of the process from site-survey all the way through to final handover.

Our Support desk delivers industry-beating levels of customer service once connections are commissioned and know how to escalate issues with major carriers like BT Openreach should the worst happen and you suffer an MSO (Major Service Outage). We can even offer options to mitigate this risk by virtue of providing alternative backup (failover) solutions.

This is all backed up by our industry beating SLA offering a 4 hour service restoration time in the event of an outage, 24x7x365.

A 200 strong UK-wide network of engineers is also available to address on-site faults in the event of a major service issue.

With SoConnect you sleep easily knowing we are looking after you and if something does go wrong your service will be restored ASAP.
Use Bandwidth to Cut Costs

When choosing a leased-line provider you should also consider what else they can offer you to simplify your business processes and reduce your overheads.

The delivery of stable bandwidth into any business not only offers you improved connectivity but also affords you the opportunity to adopt cloud based services.

Services like Hosted VoIP and Hosted Exchange are offered by SoConnect as fully Managed solutions and thereby alleviate the headache and cost of running internal PBX telephony and Exchange email servers.

This will also simplify you billing and support procedures meaning you have a single provider supplying and supporting all your internet related services.
Speed & Scalability

Leased-Line speeds of up to 1Gbps are available with speeds beyond this available in some areas. Pricing for bandwidth is bespoke meaning you only pay for the level of connectivity you need so you can start with a lower speed and increase it in-line with your business requirements. Most leased-lines are provided on a 100Mb bearer with entry-level bandwidth being 10Mbps – this bandwidth can be scaled all the way up to 100Mbps. Bearer upgrades from 100Mb to 1Gb and beyond are also available meaning speeds are not limited to the initial bearer provided.
Need a quote?

If you would like more information on SoConnect Leased-Line services visit our EFM page and Ethernet over Fibre page or why not get the ball rolling and request a leased line quote here. Alternatively you can contact our friendly sales team for impartial advice and guidance – they will happily explain the entire delivery and support process to you. T. 0333 240 1824 / E. sales@soconnect.co.uk