If you were to ask most companies that use the internet on a daily basis what their biggest concerns are you would find that connection speed would be near the top of the list. Most -if not all businesses- nowadays have some kind of internet presence with at least a dedicated company website, but if your business has to wait an age to connect to a web page, reply to a customer email or join a conference call then it could seriously damage your businesses profitability. If this sounds familiar then you may want to consider upgrading your business data connection, thankfully there are a wide range of options available to help you bring your businesses data connection into the 21st century.


Is the UK getting Quicker?

The issue for the UK is that we’re still using old fashioned copper telephone lines to provide the majority of our data connectivity, which results in a national network which is overworked, slow and unreliable. Obviously this simply will not do for a modern business but thankfully there are a range of new technologies out there which can provide you with the level of connectivity you’re looking for.:



The best starting place when it comes to considering copper ADSL alternatives is Fibre Broadband or FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) for those of you who have a strong hatred for abbreviations). FTTC is the latest in data technology, using fibre optic cables to transfer data traffic instead of your standard copper wire. This results in a significant increase in bandwidth as well as download speeds with the service easily able to deliver speeds of up to 80Mbps (4x faster than even the fastest copper connections) what’s more as a result of the increase in bandwidth FTTC is much more resilient to common broadband problems such as contention (when simultaneous users slow down the connection speed) and to top it all off FTTC packages start at only £34.95 a month making them affordable for businesses of any size.


Leased Lines

For businesses looking for the best of the best, who rely on their data connection and who need to have potentially hundreds of users all connected at once a standard broadband connection, even a fibre connection, simply isn’t going to cut it. For businesses who can’t afford to compromise on connectivity and performance Leased Line Connections are the solution. Leased Line connections are dedicated data connections that connect your business directly to the exchange, meaning you don’t have to share your connection with anyone else. Because of this you get an incredible jump in performance with download speeds of up to 1Gbps, (that’s 1024Mbps for those of you who didn’t take computer science in high school) these speeds are also synchronous meaning that the upload speeds and download speeds are the same and on top of all of this the dedicated nature of these connections means that problems like contention are completely removed, gone forever never to plague your company with inefficiency ever again! Leased Line connections come in three distinct flavours: EOFTTC (that’s Ethernet Over Fibre To The Cabinet) EFM (Ethernet First Mile) and EOF (Ethernet Over Fibre, often referred to as Leased Lines, yes that is very confusing i know) to find out more about the differences between their services and the benefits each can bring to your business please visit our web pages on them, it’ll explain it much better than i can in a single blog post. Either way a leased line connection of any kind really is the best kind of data connection around and for businesses that don’t believe in compromise and need to get every last drop of performance out of their data connection then this really is the best service money can buy.


So there you have it! Hopefully this article has helped to explain the many alternatives to a copper ADSL connection and how they can benefit your business. For more information on the many data services SoConnect offer why not have a look at our web pages on them? Or you can contact our sales team at sales@soconnect.co.uk or call us on 0333 240 1824.