04 Oct 2016

As technology progresses and communication services become more effective more and more businesses are being run out of offices and are instead being run in coffee shops on the go or even from people’s own homes. And to be perfectly honest, it makes sense. Why would you bother with the costly and stress-inducing commute to work every day when you can sit in your bathrobe and type away on your sofa from the comfort of your own home? Seems like a dream come true for most of us but there are issues surrounding the idea, primarily with effective communication between teammates, employees, business partners and clients. You cant just walk to  the office next door and ask them to meet to discuss the new company email header. But now with business collaboration services, you don’t have to.


What is Hosted Collaboration?


Hosted Collaboration services like Hosted Exchange allow businesses to communicate and collaborate in real time on a range of tasks from document creation to presentation preparation and so much more. With a Hosted Collaboration service you no longer have to worry about miscommunication, having out of date documents or missing that all important email or meeting, meaning that everyone is in the loop and working together effectively and efficiently.


One Document, Everywhere


With a Hosted Collaboration service you no longer have to worry about having multiple versions of the same document each having just the slightest tweak or adjustment as it gets passed around the team and everyone adds their own suggestions and edits – if you’ve ever been in this situation you will know how frustrating it is-. Now with Hosted Collaborations services like Hosted Exchange your team can work together on one document that is saved in the cloud which anyone who needs to, can access. Suggestions, comments and edits can be made in real time for everyone to see so that everyone is on the same page and no one is ever left searching through their hard drive for the final version of that all important presentation at the last minute.


Enhanced Communication


With Hosted Collaboration services Team mates can communicate instantly through a variety of different media, from Instant Messaging services for quick text chats with co workers or for more in depth conversations users can use VoIP or video conferencing to host meetings or discuss issues face to face. Moreover Hosted Exchange can integrate with other Microsoft communication services such as Outlook or Skype for business so you can go from writing an email to talking face to face in just a couple of clicks.


Cost effective


Perhaps the biggest advantage of Hosted Collaboration services is their incredibly low cost. No matter which way you slice it, commuting to and from work is expensive and if you have to travel across country or in some cases multiple countries just to have a meeting with business partners then you may have to pay thousands on just the plane tickets. With Hosted Collaboration services these costs are completely removed, instead of travelling for hours to have a meeting you can schedule a video conference from your own home or start a group call with your team from Starbucks. With Hosted Collaboration services your office is wherever you want it to be. On top of this Hosted Exchange is available on tablets and mobile devices as well as standard PC’s or laptops, simply download the app and you can work from your phone while you’re travelling or get notifications of any changes made to projects or of any incoming messages or calls. With Hosted Collaboration services like Hosted Exchange your always in the loop no matter where you are or what your doing.


So there you have it! Hopefully this article has helped to explain the many benefits Hosted Collaboration services can offer your business, for more information on the Hosted Collaboration services SoConnect offer please visit our web page on it. Or you can contact our sales team at sales@soconnect.co.uk or call us on 033 240 1824.