18 Oct 2016

As competition grows fierce, the need for a better IT infrastructure and service levels is growing.

So what’s the need of the hour? The answer is: “a strategic business solution that drives business growth and transformation, and helps create better profit margins.” All businesses seek a flexible, agile and broadly capable IT support provider that can help them optimise and improve their technological services. But what can provide this level of support? The answer is Managed IT services. But what exactly is a Managed IT service? And how does it benefit your business?


What is a Managed IT service?


Managed IT services provide clients with an out of house IT support solution for services such as email services, hardware installation and configuration, network management and so much more. With a Managed IT service you no longer have to rely on an in house IT solution allowing you to cut costs and improve productivity as remaining in house IT experts can focus on improving and growing existing services instead of constantly having to maintain current systems.

What can a Managed IT service do for your business?


Managed IT services can be used to maintain and run support on all of the core IT services a business uses everyday, things like support for email services so that service loss or data loss is prevented in the case of a data outage or similar problem. Managed IT services can also manage local networks making sure that all parts of the business can communicate, access and work together, improving productivity and efficiency. Managed IT services can also install and configure new hardware so if your company server is a bit past it’s sell by date, a new one can be implemented quickly and with little cost.


Managed IT services can help to cut cost and improve efficiency for businesses by allowing them to replace or reposition their existing in house solution. By having an outsourced IT solution you no longer have to bear the cost of an in house maintenance service and whilst staff would normally be focused on maintaining your existing IT services, they can now focus on improving upon it to cut cost and improve business efficiency. What’s more for businesses without a dedicated IT department, Managed IT service provide a low cost ad highly effective solution so you can have all of the benefits of an in house solution without having to bear the excessive cost.


So there you have it! Hopefully this article has helped to explain the many benefits Managed IT services can offer your business. For more information on the Managed IT services SoConnect offer please visit our web page on it, or you can contact our sales team at sales@soconnect.co.uk or call us on 0333 240 1824.