29 Nov 2016

Unless you’re deliberately taking steps to avoid it, then you will probably have encountered Video Conferencing at some point or another by now and for good reason. Video Conferences are the perfect way for businesses to communicate internally or externally when having a face to face conversation is either too expensive or just too impractical to manage, but are you sure you’re using your video conferencing service the right way? Well in this article we will look into the 9 best uses for Video conferences.

Possibly the most direct benefit from video conferencing is its ability to improve communications with sales. With video conferencing services like Skype for Business or Hosted Horizon, your sales force can be part of the conversation whilst continuing to work from their office space, meaning you can coordinate, delegate and discuss as a team without having to take time out of the day to do so. So you never have to miss a sales opportunity because of a meeting ever again.

Training is a vital part of any business. As your company grows or as people move on and replacements or new positions need to be created it is vital that the new staff you are taking on are capable of performing their tasks to the best of their ability and the key foundation to that is good employee training. With video conferencing you can can simulate a range of scenarios employees may encounter, teaching the proper techniques to handling specific situations, also by having your new employees only a click away, you can be assured that if something does go wrong you can reach them or they can reach you quickly and efficiently allowing you to deal with problems as they arise and before they spiral out of control.

Communicating on the move is a vital part of modern business, as more and more businesses are choosing not to have a central office and are, instead, opting to have their employees work from the comfort of their own home or the local coffee shop, having a robust, clear and effective communication solution is vital. Video conferencing is that solution. Whilst a phone call might work in some situations, when it comes to having group discussions, conferences with clients or for passing on any vital information Video conferencing is the only substitution for a face to face meeting. So for communicating on the go or for passing on information where you really need to see the other person there really is no substitute for a Video Conference.

Any business owner worth his salt will tell you that when meeting a prospective client image is everything, you always want to show that your business is on the cutting edge of your field and that you handle every aspect of your business in a modern and professional way. So when you meet your client for the first time the only way to do so is face to face in your office in a meeting room with some water and those posh biscuits on the side. But what about the second meeting? Is a phone call really enough? Or would you prefer to talk to them face to face in glorious 1080p with crisp clear audio from your conference room or from the comfort of your own office? Well rhetorical questions aside it’s clear that when maintaining that professional image that your clients expect video conferencing is the best way to show that you’re engaged with them and that you are not above going the extra mile and using the very best in communications technology to meet with your valued customers.

So there you have it! Hopefully this article has helped to give you a better understanding of the many ways Video Conferencing services such as Skype for business or Hosted Horizon can improve the way your business communicates. For more information on the Video Conferencing services SoConnect offer please visit our webpage on them, or you can contact our sales team at sales@soconnect.co.uk or call us on 0333 240 1824.