26 Jun 2017

At SoConnect we pride ourselves on customer excellence. And whilst we could talk for days about just how great we are, we think it would be better if you heard it from our clients instead.

So we have created a short series of posts based on our client’s testimonials to show just how well we handled their business and how well we could handle yours in the future.

Up first is a statement from EMC UK Ltd.

EMC challenged us to provide adequate data connectivity to new premises for remote users to access hosted servers in a part of London where data connectivity options were extremely limited.

Our Solution?

We provided them with a state of the art Leased Line over Copper (EFM) dedicated data service with 2 Line Bonded DSL service as a backup data connection in case the primary line fails.

EMC were thrilled with the service they received. This is what they had to say:


“We approached SoConnect after being badly let down on a fibre provision by another provider. SoConnect offered help and advice in extricating ourselves from this contract and despite the serious issues involved in providing data services into our new London offices, were able to deliver a 10Mb service ready for our move. This was complemented by a 2 Bonded Line DSL service (which will soon be upgraded to FTTC) for use of our London based staff meaning the 10Mb connection has been reserved purely for hosted services traffic. We have encountered issues due to the poor quality of copper in this area but SoConnect have been attentive throughout and done everything in their power to ensure the smoothest possible implementation for us. They were able to solve our problems even when many others couldn’t. After having been let down by a previous provider, it was comforting to know that we could speak with the team at SoConnect at any point, and they too reassured us by keeping in contact at every stage of the way. We can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Emma Cleverdon – Office Manager, EMC Energy Market Consultants (UK) Ltd, London

If you think that we can make the same difference to your business that we made to EMC then why not contact us today?