06 Mar 2019

Mobile technology plays a pivotal role in putting businesses on a digital path, but there are also many practical benefits to choosing the right mobile services for your business. That decision can have immediate, tangible benefits for your business today and prepare you for tomorrow.

At some point in the day, all business users are using mobile in one way or another. Whether it’s checking work emails on mobile, managing professional social media accounts on the move or remote employees linking main office phone systems to their mobile devices. Most of what we do with mobile is done without thinking. It just works.

Using mobile phones in business can boost the productivity, mobility and morale of your workforce, and as a business leader, you want to get the most from your mobile service to make a real difference to the workplace.

Improved communication

One of the primary reasons that businesses invest in corporate mobiles is to ensure effective communication throughout the company. Employees can be reached on the go, whether it’s out of office for meetings and seminars, remote working or even on a business trip abroad.

Anytime/ Anywhere working

Giving your employees the opportunity to work remotely can ensure flexibility for your business. It can also be an attractive incentive that works to boost productivity. When you pair mobile technology with our cloud-based Horizon phone system in the main office, the opportunity for a truly seamless user experience emerges; allowing for uninterrupted movement of calls between different devices with the potential to implement a single interface to manage collaboration (voice, video, instant messaging).

Business continuity – mobile broadband

Mobile phones aren’t the only devices able to take advantage of 4G connectivity. Businesses often use 4G routers in areas of reduced service availability, or as an emergency back-up connection to ensure business continuity when a main connection fails. Mobile broadband might not be the high cost solution you might have thought. SoConnect can offer more data at the lowest price per GB than ever before, with tariffs starting at only £37.50 per month for a huge 100GB of data per month!

A partner you can trust

SoConnect cater only for the business market, so we understand the challenges businesses face ensuring that every decision is beneficial to the company. We know that you want to choose the tariffs that allow you to get the best out of a mobile service, while also ensuring it remains cost-effective. With a dedicated account manager, we work with your needs in mind at all times, and we can tailor a unique support package specifically for your business.


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