19 Apr 2019

Not enabling mobile workers can damage your business.
Mobile working is fast becoming the new norm… With this in mind, how ‘mobile‘ is your business?

Do your workers typically spend 20% or more of their time away from their primary workspace? If so, they are defined as mobile. Enabling mobile working can bring huge benefits for your business. But it’s important to consider all the key issues, so it works for everyone. Read on to discover why mobile working is an essential strategic objective for businesses that want to succeed and grow, and how inefficient mobile working can adversely affect employee morale and overall business performance.

Welcome to the future of work…

In today’s ‘always on’ world, enabling mobile working is an increasingly vital strategic objective for any business that wants to be successful and grow.

Flexibility is key to being able to communicate effectively and maintain productivity no matter where your workforce is stationed. That means employees having easy access to the information, contacts and tools they need – wherever they happen to be working.

Attracting and retaining employees is an ever-present challenge. The solution increasingly lies in being willing and able to meet their desire for flexibility and choice in where and how they work

Being responsive to customers.  Attracting and retaining customers is all about immediacy – getting through to the right person first time, receiving rapid responses to queries, and being able to communicate outside of office hours.

However, not enabling mobile workers can carry a significant cost…

Enabling mobile workers to be effective is about more than simply equipping them with a smartphone. Without the right tools mobile working can have a negative impact on employee productivity.

Common complaints about mobile working include:

  • Lower job satisfaction: mobile workers often feel they are not able to be productive because they don’t have access to the right information, contacts and tools when they’re away from the office.
  • Feelings of exclusion: mobile workers frequently feel excluded because they miss out on important communications, or they don’t have the same level of interaction with their colleagues as office-based workers.
  • Frustration at inability to perform: mobile workers commonly complain of feeling inconvenienced and frustrated because they have to carry separate business and personal devices, and use multiple tools for work communications – many of which aren’t designed for use in a mobile environment.

If your mobile workers are lacking in enthusiasm and are not receiving the essential support they need to be efficient and effective, the knock-on effects for your business will quickly also become apparent. This can result in poor service delivered to customers because mobile workers often can’t be easily contacted when they need to be, or they don’t have the right information at hand to deal with a customer’s issue. Poor support for mobile workers can also result in important decisions being delayed, especially when key people are away from the office.

Why you need to step up your mobility approach

We all know business is becoming more and more demanding – increased competition, greater workloads, fewer resources, reduced budgets. The demands of the modern business world mean you need to step up a gear to stay ahead.

The key considerations to achieve this include:

  • Being accessible to your customers
  • Staying in touch with colleagues on the move
  • Keeping communication simple

Thereby, enabling effective mobile working.

Converged communication built with mobile workers’ needs in mind

Business mobile solutions offered by SoConnect offer full support for mobile workers, by emphasising a Unified Communications approach. This is an approach that ensures an employee can work anywhere and have the same functionality, wherever they are. The rise in collaborative cloud applications means that a personal smartphone can have the ability to make business calls through the office phone system, and access shared documents on cloud-based platforms, such as Office 365. With this flexibility, employees can move fluidly between devices with no loss of access or capability.

Modern Unified Communication solutions offer significant advantages to any business with mobile workers. As a result, they’re fast replacing the traditional PBX in many workplaces – and transforming the mobile working experience.

What does your company gain by adopting this smart mobile solution?

Transitioning to a truly mobile-enabled converged communications solution can help unleash full potential, delivering:

  • Higher productivity and responsiveness
  •  Increased employee morale and engagement
  • Improved collaboration, enabling new ideas and faster decisions
  • Better customer experience, encouraging loyalty and referrals
  • Lower risks of security breaches and loss of valuable information
  • Lower operational costs

A partner you can trust

SoConnect cater only for the business market, so we understand the challenges businesses face ensuring that every decision is beneficial to the company. We know that you want to choose the tariffs that allow you to get the best out of a mobile service, while also ensuring it remains cost-effective. With a dedicated account manager, we always work with your needs in mind, and we can tailor a unique support package specifically for your business.

Contact our team to find out more about our Business Mobiles, and unified communications on 0333 240 1824 or email us sales@soconnect.co.uk.