21 May 2019

An effective communications system is vital for ensuring that your business can operate effectively in today’s market. Your PBX may be seriously restricting your growth; inhibited by damaging indirect costs and lengthy and expensive down time.

Read on to find out how you can eliminate these barriers and fulfil your business’ potential with Hosted Communications.

Modern businesses need modern communications to succeed.

Technology exists to make our lives simpler, and the same is true for business communication. For SMEs in particular, modern communications will enable you to:

  • compete, on equal terms, with much larger businesses
  • grow without the need to invest heavily in new offices, resources and equipment.

Traditional phone systems are no longer a match for modern businesses

For many years, the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) has been a staple in the business world. It enables office- based employees to communicate effectively with each other and the outside world.

However, this comes at cost when you consider how the PBX model works:

  • Purchase – ££ – You buy the kit and install it in your office
  • Ongoing management – ££ – An employee must be trained and able to manage it
  • Maintenance – ££ – You pay a third-party to maintain it
  • Upgrade – ££ – If you want more features, you pay for an upgrade
  • Outgrow it – ££ – If you outgrow it, you throw it away and buy a new one
  • Failures mean serious disruption – ££ – loss of business continuity means loss in revenues

Traditional phone systems exist largely in isolation from IT systems. Both systems are essentially about communication: one for making and receiving calls, with the other for digital communications and information management; and this is a missed opportunity for business.

Why you should consider switching to Hosted Communications

Expand your opportunities

By freeing you from the constraints of a physical location and a fixed workforce, Hosted Communications enable you to expand your opportunities.

Ensure seamless experiences

You can now integrate multiple communications and collaboration services into a single solution, enabling you to deliver the seamless experiences that your employees and your customers increasingly expect.

Work smarter, anywhere

Enabling access to all the information and tools your employees need  – anywhere and anytime  – Hosted Communications can significantly improve your productivity.

Stay ahead with the latest technology

By ensuring you’re always upgraded to the latest technology, cloud Communications help you stay competitive and at the forefront of business communication developments.

Reduce your risks

Hosted Communications feature the built-in resilience and security you need to significantly reduce the risks of damaging downtime.

Free up time

Because your service provider manages and maintains your Cloud Communications solution, you are free to focus on adding more value to your business.

Today, the worlds of telecoms and IT can converge to deliver a seamless and unified communications experience. This will bridge the gap between the isolated communication systems; and could be the difference between failure and success, in a rapidly changing business environment. Switching to our Hosted Horizon phone system  allows you to maximise profitability, whilst also enabling you to realise your business’ potential.

What is Hosted Horizon

Hosted Horizon is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system that routes calls securely over the internet.  This clever virtual phone system is hosted in the cloud meaning you won’t need a traditional phone line, just an internet connection.  If this sounds like the perfect telephony solution for your business, arrange your free trial today!

SoConnect provide a wide range of Hosted cloud-based services and finding the services that can do the most for your business can be tricky. To see  which cloud services are right for your business, please contact our sales team at sales@soconnect.co.uk or call us on 0333 240 1824.