04 Jun 2019

Implementing new technology into your business can come with concerns. There are a number of variables to consider, not least when an old technology has been a part of your operation for many years. Your telephony solution is central to your business, and it’s only natural to have worries approaching such a change. This is no different for SIP Trunking and Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony.

Fortunately, many of these concerns are unfounded.

Read on as we dispel the 5 most common concerns that you may have about SIP Trunking.

1. Poor Voice Quality

For many people, the first experience of a VoIP solution is using a consumer-focused service. These free tools can be great for home users, but businesses cannot afford the service glitches that are often encountered. Poor latency, and packet loss can create an unsatisfactory experience for you and your customers. Business-grade SIP Trunks provide a call service that is comparable to the ISDN lines used by most business phone systems. SIP Trunking offers a enterprise-grade infrastructure to power the service and ensure call quality, and a dedicated support team to maintain stringent SLAs and Quality of Service, should any issues occur.

2. Cost

A common misconception about new technology is that it means premium prices. This is not the case with SIP Trunks. For the majority of businesses, moving to a SIP trunking solution can actually help make significant cost-savings on telephony. With SIP you no longer need expensive ISDN lines, so you won’t pay for lines you don’t use. SIP Trunking can even be used alongside your existing ISDN connections to ensure a smooth transition. There are also other cost-saving benefits like reduced or free calls to fixed landlines.

3. Trust

Many decision makers might assume that because they are unfamiliar with SIP-related technologies, it cannot be trusted. They are familiar with ISDN and it has served their business well for many years and they may think have no need for an “unproven” technology. However, VoIP and related IP-based solutions have been used by many businesses successfully for years. In fact, research shows that 35% of companies believe SIP trunking to be the most important telephony system.

4. Too Much Hassle

Sometimes, replacing a system with a newer version can be time and resource intensive. So, businesses might assume that the switch to SIP Trunking will be the same.

However, switching to SIP is surprisingly easy:

  • No new lines are required- SIP Trunks use your broadband connection.
  • SIP is a direct replacement for ISDN and removing your ISDN lines will create spare bandwith.
  • No new PBX hardware – your existing PBX system can be modified to make use of SIP Trunks.
  • Scalability – if your business is seasonal, you may need to add and remove capacity as and when required without having to order additional physical lines. SIP can easily accommodate these requirements, making your life easier during busy periods.

5. Our existing comms supplier doesn’t recommend SIP

Many businesses have had long and successful relationships with their current comms provider. So, if said supplier doesn’t recommend SIP trunking solutions, you can rationally assume that VoIP has nothing to offer your company. Unfortunately, many of the big telecoms providers may not be acting in your best interests. Incumbent operators will have invested heavily in their infrastructure, mostly in terms of ISDN. If you move away to cheaper, better value services you could be costing them more than just your custom.

Debunking the myths:

  • SIP call quality is at least comparable to ISDN, if not better
  • SIP provides cost savings through greater efficiency, and is cheaper than ISDN in the long run
  • SIP is a proven technology that is trusted by thousands of companies across the UK
  • SIP adoption is one of the easiest technical migrations and worth any potential and temporary inconvenience

Our knowledgeable consultants can guide you through the process making it easy to upgrade from traditional onsite PBX phone systems to a versatile VoIP solution, to save your business time, effort and money.

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