24 Jun 2019

In today’s financially-conscious environment, many businesses have been forced to adjust their processes to become more efficient. In order to maintain profit margins, without having to significantly increase prices, companies have to quickly and successfully adapt to changes in the marketplace.

The move to becoming an agile business is not simply a change in corporate mindset. Technology will need to underpin processes. This may mean the use of new software frameworks or the adaptation of existing line-of-business applications. It will also require infrastructure changes for maximum flexibility.

ISDN is a traditional system for enterprise telecoms, providing reliable voice and data connectivity. However, ISDN struggles to cope with the demands of the modern agile business:

  • A lack of scalability makes adding and removing capacity costly and time inefficient
  • Remote telecoms connectivity for a mobile workforce is impossible to implement
  • Cost inefficiencies make cost containment extremely difficult

The answer is to replace ISDN with a more flexible solution, SIP trunking.

SIP can address all of these challenges and more.

Are you getting the service you need?

True operational agility relies on being able to change processes or system quickly to meet new business challenges. It follows then that your ideal telecoms provider should be able to:

  • Understand your business and provide a solution that meets your requirements.
  • React quickly to fast-changing situations and circumstances.
  • Scale your telecoms up and down according to your requirements.
  • Provide a dedicated account manager to answer your queries.

Are you paying over the odds for telecoms service?

If you think telecoms prices are already too high, sticking with legacy ISDN technology will only make your bill more costly. SIP trunking offers proven, significant costs savings over ISDN.

Paying over the odds for telecoms services is unnecessary in a financial climate where profit margin, protection and cost savings are paramount. Your ideal telecoms partner will ensure your contracts continue to deliver savings over both the long and short term.

Are you able to operate in the modern flexible economy?

Remote working has now become an established process for agile businesses. The future clearly lies within unified communications that enable your employees to be present, regardless of their physical location. Unified communication technologies allow your business to route calls to any location, on any device, keeping employees connected to the company network, at all times. Unified communication has one key objective: to unify communications channels and devices securely, reliably and flexibly in a way that lets users communicate how, when and where they want without being exposed to the underlying technology.

Why SoConnect could be your ideal communications partner

If your business is considering adapting its processes and technology to better respond to new challenges, SoConnect will:

  • Talk with you about the benefits of SIP over ISDN
  • Explore how unified communications could enhance productivity
  • Deliver a service that is fully responsive and supports your goals
  • Offer truly cost-effective solutions for now and in the future

Our knowledgeable consultants can guide you through the process making it easy to upgrade from traditional onsite PBX phone systems to a versatile VoIP solution, to save your business time, effort and money.

Contact us today to find out more:

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