14 Sep 2020

Introducing Microsoft 365 Business Voice! Over the last few months, businesses have increasingly adopted cloud-based communications in order to continue to operate. The uptake in applications such as Microsoft Teams has been invaluable for ensuring that staff working remotely during the pandemic can seamlessly access information and communicate internally with their team. However, legacy phone systems can create issues with external communication, and some businesses have struggled to keep lines of communication with their customers open. 

Established as one of the most widely used applications, Teams streamlines all internal communication. Microsoft has now added the functionality of external calls and messages with customers, suppliers and partners. Microsoft 365 Business Voice brings together all business communication, making it a truly unified platform.

Still not sure that a cloud-based phone system is for you? Read on for our top three reasons why your company should consider implementing it.

Collaborate and communicate anytime and anywhere

A cloud-based phone system can be accessed and used anywhere. M365’s collaboration tools are available as apps for mobile, tablet and desktop; meaning that your staff can connect on any device quickly, and reliably. Gone are the days where you need both an office number and a mobile number for people to reach you wherever you are. With Microsoft 365 Business Voice and Teams, you will have a single number across all your devices; whether you are working at home, on the train, or in the office. 

Integration with Outlook means that starting calls, scheduling and joining meetings is as simple as turning on your device. All this convenience means that your colleagues can collaborate more efficiently with each other and with customers. 

Benefit from a truly unified communications platform

Whether its calls and instant messaging between employees or to customers and suppliers, or virtual and in-office meetings, M365 Business Voice with Teams will unify all of your communication systems into one platform. The convenience of having every important contact available in an instant is what sets this single contact platform aside. When you have a single solution that performs so many functions, you will also save money by consolidating various bills into one. 

 Top-level availability and security features

All Microsoft applications have a good reputation in terms of uptime, and Business Voice with Teams is no exception. You can expect a guaranteed uptime 99.9% of the time, safe in the knowledge that your phone system will always be available for your colleagues and customers. M365 Business Voice comes with Microsoft’s built-in security, privacy and compliance features as standard, ensuring that you protect your company’s communications at the very highest level.

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