23 Oct 2014
The 3 Stages of Data Connections for Businesses: Stage 2

We have been releasing a series of articles that outline the different stages of a business’ growth and the various types of data connection that are most suitable for each stage. In these articles we outline what a business should be looking for in their data connection at each stage. Today’s article is on Stage […]

SoConnect Fail over data connection

The Importance of Fail-Over / Backup Data Connections Businesses are relying on data connections more than ever before, for everything from communications to product sourcing to cloud storage, but with such a heavy reliance on the internet it is important that should the worst happen and the data connection is lost, a fail over system […]

28 Aug 2014
EFM Bonded Broadband

Which is best suited to your business needs? Choosing the internet connection that is right for your business can be difficult – there are often many options offering different pros & cons. Two of these options are EFM and bonded broadband. This article will compare these services and  help you determine which is more suited to your business. EFM […]