28 May 2015
Raspberry Pi

Here at SoConnect we are loving our new Raspberry Pi. We bought the Raspberry Pi 2 to display our Akixi wallboard (which gives us a real-time statistical displays of our business related activity and our call management) as an alternative to running an expensive laptop or desktop. Its perfect, it takes up little room plus cost hardly […]

31 Mar 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

Samsung have just released their latest editions of their Galaxy range; the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, with the new releases Samsung have promised users the ability to delete packaged bloat-ware that has been a contentious issue for many users of the phone since the very first Galaxy was launched. As a result of […]

09 Mar 2015
Apple Watch

Wearable tech is something of a contentious issue amongst the public, with some thinking that it will revolutionise the way we go about our daily lives and others thinking of it as more of a passing “fad”. However the announcement of Apples new piece of wearable tech, the Apple Watch has left some speculating that […]

09 Feb 2015

Technology can be a frightening thing at times, from apps that let you control your heating remotely, to toasters that send out a tweet every time you use them it’s clear that the line between what is private and what isn’t is being pushed more than ever and many of us are concerned over how […]

03 Feb 2015
The Speed of Light

If you have studied Physics at any level in your life then you will know that the speed of light is one of the few things that doesn’t change, or at least that used to be the case until a group of scientists from Glasgow University have managed to slow the speed of light. So […]

25 Nov 2014
FUGU Luggage

The Luggage that grows to fit your travel needs If you’ve ever been on a business trip abroad or possibly even if you go abroad for a holiday then you’ll know how frustrating it can be if you find something that you want to bring back but you don’t have any room left in your […]

06 Nov 2014

GoPros are Great, they are the must-have piece of tech for many an outdoor enthusiast, its small, compact and waterproof and is perfect for filming anything from kayaking to rock climbing, but this new gadget might be the GoPros replacement. Nixie is a wearable camera Drone that is worn around the user’s wrist, then, when […]

04 Nov 2014
Argos Through Time

Something that is always interesting to do is to look back and see the many pieces of tech that have been forgotten over time, this interesting article by Gizmodo.co.uk has 10 of the best examples of classic games, gadgets and electronic devices from days gone by. Argos Through Time http://www.Gizmodo.co.uk When I was a child […]

30 Oct 2014
Microsoft Band

The wearable tech industry is one that many experts see as the future of technology and one of the most popular pieces of wearable tech out there is a health wrist band of some description. Microsoft Band http://www.bbc.co.uk/news Microsoft has unveiled its first wearable device that can track a user’s sleep and exercise as well […]

17 Oct 2014
iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 review So whether it was a planned move to build hype or whether it truly was an accidental leak, the new Apple iPad Air 2 has been announced and there is already a huge amount of excitement surrounding the product, but is there really anything new up for offer and does it […]