17 Nov 2016

Whenever one of our more rural clients is considering a satellite internet service, two things immediately come to his mind: high latency and slow connection speeds. It is true that satellite internet services have been criticized for their rather high network latencies. But is this really an issue? Does high latency make satellite broadband services […]

The world of data can be a confusing place, with experts blurting out jargon acronyms and terminology hoping that you’ll have even the slightest idea of what they’re on about. At SoConnect we try to avoid complicated phrases like “Contention” or “Latency” when explaining our services to our clients but sometimes it’s just unavoidable, so […]

Cat5 Networking

If you are considering local area networking for you parts of your business then it is fairly likely that you will come across terms like Category 5, Category 5e, Category 6, or even Category 6e, the network Ethernet cable standard defined by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) and Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). Cat5 and Cat5e […]

20 Sep 2016
Satellite Broadband - Why adopt satellite broadband

Satellite broadband come along way through the years. What began as a frustratingly slow dial up service is now a broadband service capable of competing with most other line based alternatives. However even though the service has made great strides in recent years, there are still many businesses who are against adopting the service, even […]

03 Jul 2015
Satellite Dish - Sat-DSL

If you don’t have all the information you need you will always be apprehensive about changing from a service you know to one you don’t. Implementing a Sat-DSL (Satellite Broadband) service can be daunting – this is why SoConnect believe in providing as much information as possible to our customers so you can make an […]

Backup Data Connection

Having a consistent data connection is vital for any business. For many companies the only option when it comes to a data connection that is both reliable and consistent is a dedicated connection like Ethernet over Fibre (leased-line) or EFM. However, as reliable as these connections are they do sometimes fail making a backup data […]

05 Jun 2015
Satellite Broadband

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding satellite broadband is that it is an option for people who have no other viable services available by way of a reliable internet data connection. However, contrary to popular belief many businesses choose to utilise a satellite data connection either in its own right or alongside other services to […]

Data Service

Deciding which data service is right for your business can be challenging, with each service designed for a specific business situation. So this article will provide a brief overview of each service as well as its benefits and its business applications. We will start at the bottom of the data services ladder with Business Broadband […]

07 Dec 2014
VoIP phone lines of the future

And is it a lower quality data connection? One of the main concerns many potential customers have with Satellite Broadband is latency – many people who have considered this service have been discouraged by often untrue or exaggerated rumours about its apparent poor quality. For example, we often hear criticisms that satellite broadband isn’t fast […]