02 Jul 2019

Improve flexibility and productivity for your business with a hosted communications service. This blog highlights just some of the features of Horizon, along with their benefits. What is Horizon? Horizon is a hosted business telephone service that resides in the cloud rather than your office. It provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony […]

04 Jun 2019
business internet connections

Implementing new technology into your business can come with concerns. There are a number of variables to consider, not least when an old technology has been a part of your operation for many years. Your telephony solution is central to your business, and it’s only natural to have worries approaching such a change. This is […]

21 May 2019

An effective communications system is vital for ensuring that your business can operate effectively in today’s market. Your PBX may be seriously restricting your growth; inhibited by damaging indirect costs and lengthy and expensive down time. Read on to find out how you can eliminate these barriers and fulfil your business’ potential with Hosted Communications. […]

26 Mar 2019

Connectivity is everywhere Spotify. Netflix. Dropbox. Whatsapp. Cloud-based applications like these are part of daily life now. The amount we use them makes constant data connection a necessity for living in the digital age. It’s no different for small-to-medium sized enterprises. All businesses are digital businesses now. Whether you sell hand- carved tables or online […]

28 Feb 2017
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IT Managed Service Support Technician SoConnect Ltd, Newtown Saint Boswells £17,000 – £24,000 a year Company Information About us: SoConnect is a data networks and telecoms re-seller whose focus is on delivering high bandwidth data connectivity to businesses so that they can utilise a complete range of hosted and cloud based services. We are an […]

29 Nov 2016

Unless you’re deliberately taking steps to avoid it, then you will probably have encountered Video Conferencing at some point or another by now and for good reason. Video Conferences are the perfect way for businesses to communicate internally or externally when having a face to face conversation is either too expensive or just too impractical […]

06 Oct 2016
Hosted PBX

Have you ever wondered what stops many businesses from changing to hosted communication systems? Every business plans its switch and examines all the factors before it can finally starts using a hosted PBX phone service. In the process, they often encounter a range of problems. However, the truth is that these difficulties appear when businesses […]

04 Oct 2016

As technology progresses and communication services become more effective more and more businesses are being run out of offices and are instead being run in coffee shops on the go or even from people’s own homes. And to be perfectly honest, it makes sense. Why would you bother with the costly and stress-inducing commute to […]