06 Sep 2016
Business VoIP

Communicating is possibly the most important part of running a company, so if your business is not communicating effectively with its clients you may be missing out on valuable business opportunities. A virtual phone system such as Hosted Horizon or Skype for business can make an immense difference for a company of any size, helping […]

18 Jun 2015
Video Conferencing

Conferencing is something that most businesses are familiar with – the ability to meet up and discuss important issues that affect your business is vital for co-ordinating your workforce and making sure that everyone is on the same page for your business’ direction and goals. However, traditional face to face conferences can be time consuming […]

12 Jun 2015
Call recording

“Please be aware that calls may be recorded for security and training purposes.” If you have ever had to deal with a big corporate then you will have probably heard this phrase (or something similar) played down the phone line, but have you ever wondered why so many of the businesses adopt call recording ? […]

31 May 2015
Unified Communication Benefits

Good Communication and efficient collaboration is essential for creating a successful business. Without the ability to communicate effectively with customers and co-workers it can be very difficult (or impossible) to grow and expand your enterprise. Most communication systems that businesses deploy are often needlessly expensive, inefficient and even outdated. With a Unified Communications solution from […]

27 May 2015
Cloud Collaboration Applications

Until fairly recently, collaboration meant bringing all your team together in the same room and using whiteboards, pens and paper to work together. But with a wide range of cloud based technologies available to businesses, collaboration is no longer limited to a single office environment allowing employees to work from anywhere in or out of […]