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Unit 1C, 46 Fuller Road, Harleston, Norfolk,

IP20 9EA

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Lemken UK Ltd is a sixth and seventh generation family business ranking as a leading international manufacturer of agricultural machinery for soil cultivation, seeding and crop projection. The business aims to focus closely on the specific requirements of every farmer it works with making telecoms essential since every piece of machinery is designed and produced on the basis of practical experience. This allows for the review of specific products and alterations to specifications over time in order to produce constantly evolving products and ensure they continue to be fit for purpose.

Bonded DSL Case Study - Lemken UK Ltd

The Business Challenge:

To allow Lemken UK Ltd to meet the needs of its customers by providing a higher grade of bandwidth than Standard DSL AND to allow Lemken to transfer data quickly and seamlessly via VPN between its UK facility and corporate Head Office in Germany. This needed to support access to on demand information to meet customer needs in order to remain a leading competitor within the agricultural machinery sector. In this sector there is a specific need for effective communication between distributors, manufacturers and end-users making the provision of high bandwidth internet connectivity essential in order to allow for collaboration between all these parties.

The Solution:

Lemken approached SoConnect February 2013 in order to explore the possibilities available to them for improving bandwidth at their location in Norfolk. These investigations identified that FTTC (Fibre Optic Broadband) and EFM (Ethernet First Mile) were not available yet at this location.

In order to upgrade from Standard DSL to a higher bandwidth service, in the absence of the abovementioned technologies, Lemken opted for a 3 Line Bonded DSL Solution as the only other available service would have been a Leased Line Connection entailing high cost and long lead-time.

In identifying this solution Lemken also required for SoConnect to provide additional PSTN phone lines to accommodate the Bonded DSL service. The intention was to provision a 4 Line Bonded DSL solution and Lemken already had an existing line to use. However, there was only enough capacity on the local BT Distribution Point for 2 additional lines. Lemken, therefore, agreed to order 2 new lines using these 2 remaining pairs and thereby provision 3 Line Bonded DSL.

The Product:

Lemken UK Ltd have a 3 Line Bonded DSL solution with SoConnect rather than their original Standard DSL connection. This service was well within Lemken’s budget for improving Data Connectivity, met the requirements of their Head Office in Germany and was delivered in less than 4 weeks.


The Benefits:

SoConnect were able to provide a Bonded DSL service for Lemken UK Ltd, as a great cost effective alternative for business grade bandwidth availability, in an area where FTTC (Fibre Optic Broadband) and EFM (Ethernet First Mile) services are unavailable. The short lead time required for the provisioning of this service allowed Lemken UK Ltd to make quick use of their Bonded DSL solution, and the increase bandwidth now available from multiplying this over 3 PSTN lines. Lemken now enjoy attentive account management and hands-on support from SoConnect’s technical team. SoConnect have now informed Lemken that EFM has since become available at their location, providing a tangible upgrade path from Bonded DSL.


SoConnect spent time & effort finding the right solution for us. We continue to work closely with Gary and his team and are extremely grateful for their attention to the needs of our business.

Lee Mayhew – Spare Parts Manager

Lemken UK Ltd