24 May 2017

Apple is releasing three new MacBooks. These will have different features so there should be one for most people’s needs. They are trying to compete with their competition who already put out similar products. They want their share of the market so have to make products they feel customers will want to purchase. Report: Apple […]

21 May 2017

Samsung Pay is not available in the UK, following the launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Because of this along with other new technologies, cash is slowly becoming redundant. While mobile payments are not mainstream worldwide, they are a necessity in Africa. The Western world is just playing catch up now to get to […]

20 May 2017

Cyber security shares have surged a lot as WannaCry ransom ware continues to wreak tons of havoc. There has been a lot of activity with companies that specialize in cyber security. People need to make sure that their computers are safe from attacks by regularly updating their software. This is an important thing to pay […]

20 May 2017

Nokia is backing the bot revolution. The point behind this revolution is to get rid of the need for customer service calls. The main idea is also to build a stand alone software that is very efficient. No one hos how this will turn out, but it looks to be something great. The bots are […]

19 May 2017

Michael Dell is helping businesses reach Nirvana through innovation. Dell has gone from a tiny company to one of the biggest ones in the world. All businesses have challenges they need to work through and Dell is no different. It is important to always keep a positive attitude and embrace change. Michael Dell: helping businesses […]