04 Jun 2019
business internet connections

Implementing new technology into your business can come with concerns. There are a number of variables to consider, not least when an old technology has been a part of your operation for many years. Your telephony solution is central to your business, and it’s only natural to have worries approaching such a change. This is […]

21 May 2019

An effective communications system is vital for ensuring that your business can operate effectively in today’s market. Your PBX may be seriously restricting your growth; inhibited by damaging indirect costs and lengthy and expensive down time. Read on to find out how you can eliminate these barriers and fulfil your business’ potential with Hosted Communications. […]

19 Apr 2019

Not enabling mobile workers can damage your business.Mobile working is fast becoming the new norm… With this in mind, how ‘mobile‘ is your business? Do your workers typically spend 20% or more of their time away from their primary workspace? If so, they are defined as mobile. Enabling mobile working can bring huge benefits for […]

17 Apr 2019

Microsoft Teams is set to replace Skype for Business Online, but its capability far outweighs that of its predecessor. Microsoft Teams keeps the Skype for Business functionality for free video and voice calls, and instant messaging, but adds so much more. The expectations of technology today are far removed from the expectations in the recent […]

28 Mar 2019

Hybrid Cloud solutions are perfect for those looking for the scalability and agility of cloud computing and yet wish to maintain some in-house computing resources. A hybrid approach to the cloud can allow businesses to manage resources more effectively, maximising existing investments in infrastructure while unlocking new operational efficiencies or capabilities without large capital expenditure. […]

26 Mar 2019

Connectivity is everywhere Spotify. Netflix. Dropbox. Whatsapp. Cloud-based applications like these are part of daily life now. The amount we use them makes constant data connection a necessity for living in the digital age. It’s no different for small-to-medium sized enterprises. All businesses are digital businesses now. Whether you sell hand- carved tables or online […]

19 Mar 2019

For your business to continue to grow in the future, one of the most important things to consider is your business data connection. Modern technology is moving further and further to a reliance on cloud and hosted communication services. This means that connections need to be faster and more reliable than ever before.  But upgrading […]

No business is immune to the influences of technology. From the latest startup to Britain’s oldest business – all organisations are constantly changing the way they operate in order to remain relevant to today’s consumers. This means embracing digital processes and modern forms of communication. It’s a move that’s been driven by consumer wants and business needs. Consumers are […]

06 Mar 2019

Mobile technology plays a pivotal role in putting businesses on a digital path, but there are also many practical benefits to choosing the right mobile services for your business. That decision can have immediate, tangible benefits for your business today and prepare you for tomorrow. At some point in the day, all business users are […]

18 Feb 2019

Office 365 Business and Enterprise solutions offer businesses lots of features that can seem overwhelming, such as collaborative applications and management tools which build on Home and Personal editions. In this article we’ll touch on just some of the main features and benefits of Office 365 so that you can be in the know when […]