Case Study



Prescient Healthcare Group


Biopharmaceutical | Business Internet | Cyber Security


Increased growth in 5 years

Grew from 60 staff to over 400


Increase in Business efficiency

Project Overview

Prescient Healthcare Group has enjoyed record growth in the last year as the demand for expert commercial advice to the biopharma industry soars. To stay ahead, the company required a scalable IT solution that could meet the needs of their growing global business. Investing in SoConnect Managed IT Services, Prescient has benefitted from comprehensive IT solutions, including remote IT support and security to accelerate their global growth.


SoConnect has been instrumental in helping us develop an IT Strategy which has allowed Prescient to rapidly expand in all its global locations in a safe yet scalable fashion. The results were outstanding from day one.

Nick Denison-Pender

COO Prescient Healthcare Group

The Background

Ensuring timely, cost-effective, and profitable market access for new pharma products has always been challenging for biopharmaceutical companies. However, in the last decade, the rate of next-generation drug launches has increased year on year. The solution that Prescient could provide their clients to help ease this process was more in demand than ever. This required Prescient to scale up, and fast.

The Strategy

Implement a managed IT solution that could grow alongside Prescient, ensuring efficient and reliable internal operations, with an outsource IT function that would prevent overburdening internal staff.

Transition Prescient away from on-premises servers to the cloud. Embracing these new technologies offers Prescient the flexibility and automation required to remain competitive, with secure network access in multiple locations.

With business processes and sensitive data moving to the cloud, Prescient needed a solution that put security at the forefront, with a support team that acts when problems arise quickly.

Implement an outsourced IT team that could provide remote, worldwide support to employees while advising and providing the applications that could increase collaboration, productivity, and efficiency.

IT Services provided

Microsoft Azure

Assisting with the transition to the cloud, Microsoft Azure is a flexible hybrid solution that allowed Prescient to reduce onsite server costs, while increasing cloud server use as they grew.

Managed IT Support

We strategised a solution that could be tailored and scaled up when required, alongside dedicated service boards and a new starter process that could integrate new employees quickly and with minimum disruption.

Microsoft Office E3 Licences

Providing licences to every employee meant productivity and collaboration with Microsfot Teams would be seamless and used to communicate internally/externally with the addition of Microsoft calling plans.

Cyber Security

Darktrace anti-virus, with its innovative use of AI and machine learning, the ssecurity of the Azure cloud server, and our rond the clock monitoring, meant Prescient’s data was always protected.

The Results

The solution completely future-proofs Prescient’s IT operations, providing strategic value and stability as the business sets its sights on achieving its short, medium, and long-term objectives. 

It has removed the difficulty of maintaining on-premises infrastructure and internal processes by providing a truly scalable solution for rapid growth. Our remote support solution unburdens internal staff and ensures that team members can be on-boarded quickly and efficiently.

“By choosing SoConnect, we have been able to implement an innovative and intelligent IT strategy which has allowed Prescient to rapidly expand in all of its global locations in a safe yet scalable fashion. SoConnect has spearheaded the development of a managed services solution fit for a global company.”

Nick Denison-Pender

COO Prescient Healthcare Group

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