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Meet the team

The team that wants to make you very happy. We’ll help your business succeed with digital transformation and streamlined communications. Think of us as your IT superheroes!

Who are our heroes? When asked, the answers ranged from inspiring to ‘did you say who is my favourite Muppet?’.


Management Team

Campbell Fraser

Chief Executive Officer
Be fast like Bolt. Persistent like Tiger Woods. Daring like Senna. Adaptive like Federer. Forgiving like Madiba. Creative like Elon Musk. Intuitive like Darwin. Curious like Edison. Thorough like a chess grandmaster.

Gordon Sayers

Chief Operating Officer
Hero: Animal (Muppets)

Euan Stewart

Chief Technology Officer
Hero: Zidane

Ricci van Eeden

Head of Service
Hero: My Mom

Cameron Smith

Head of Finance
Hero: The Sumerians (the first to invent beer, apparently)

Claire Bell

Head of HR
Hero: My boys, Ryan & Gregor

Senior Technical Team

Damian Wells

Senior Technical Team Lead
Hero: Carl Sagan

Stuart Dempster

Senior Technical Engineer
Hero: Tony Stark

Nicholas Robb

Senior Technical Engineer
Hero: John Lennon

Parveen Mujawar

Senior Technical Engineer

Lee Dailly

Senior Technical Engineer
Hero: Edward Snowden

Technical Team

Nico Vermeulen

Technical Team Lead
Hero: The Hulk & David Attenborough

Kacper Michta

DevOps Team Leader
Hero: He-Man

William Davidson

Technical Engineer

James Lehmann

Technical Engineer
Hero: Damon Salvator

Joshua Sweeney

Technical Engineer
Hero: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

George Gray

Technical Engineer
Hero: Ian McLaughlin

Siddharth Akolkar

Technical Engineer

Service Team

Matt Newman

Service Team Leader
Hero: Baloo (Jungle Book)

Colin Tucker

Service Engineer
Hero: The NHS workers

John Nomikos

Service Team Coordinator
Hero: Harry Houdini - our team always has the magic solution

Daniel Macdonald

Service Engineer
Hero: Tupac Shakur

Projects Team

Caitlin Albiston-Forbes

Project Manager
Hero: David Bowie

Michael Mortimer

Project Manager
Hero: Nikola Tesla
Courtney Brown

Courtney Brown

Project Manager
Hero: Ann Budge

Sales & Marketing 

Rich Marshall

Sales Team Lead
Hero: Eric Clapton

Claire Anderson

Senior Marketing Lead
Hero: Emily Dickinson

Gary Puddick

Senior Account Manager
Hero: Steve Hackett

Alistair Gray

Senior Account Manager
Hero: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs - without whom, none of us would be employed in IT

Les Stoddart

Technical Account Manager
Hero: Jerry Garcia

Finance Team

Margaret Cowin

Finance Assistant
Hero: Pumba (Lion King)

Jackie Allan

Senior Finance Support
Hero: Rosa Parks

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