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A disaster recovery plan

Microsoft Azure is your scalable IT server in the cloud

Are you looking for a scalable cloud solution or need to migrate data away from on-premise servers? Microsoft Azure could be the answer. Microsoft Azure is a global network of data centres and focuses on providing cloud services to businesses worldwide.

Designed to help you save time, reduce costs and increase security, it’s a flexible alternative to on-premise and rival cloud providers. You only pay for what you use, allowing you to quickly scale up or down. Azure lets you build, deploy and manage your infrastructure and applications in the cloud. It is your ticket to rapid business growth in the modern workplace.

Used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies

Grow quicker, create more and reduce costs with Azure

Scale On-Demand

With Azure’s virtual platform, it’s easy to generate more power to cope with user demand. Scale your solutions up or down or turn them off when not needed. The cost is scaled automatically, giving you more control than ever over your infrastructure.

Cost savings

The cloud can provide significant cost reductions based on how you run your IT environment. That’s why many companies have reported savings of up to 60% when switching to cloud storage from local storage. You won’t pay expensive upfront costs or on-premise hardware maintenance costs.

Security & Maintenance

Virtual Machines, databases and apps are supported with top-level security in Azure’s cloud. When it comes to maintaining your cloud platform, you’ll save time because Azure performs routine tasks automatically. This means you’re left to focus on higher business impact tasks instead.

Fully Managed

Our technical team can take you through each stage of your cloud journey. Our expertise will ensure a smooth transition from on-premise servers. We’ll work together to create a bespoke migration plan for your business by assessing your exact requirements.

Get the most out of Azure functions

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Disaster Recovery

Microsoft Azure provides all businesses with a secure and scalable solution. It also has a robust data recovery plan. That’s because Azure backs up copies of a company’s encrypted data in three separate locations. Not only that, three more are stored in a remote data centre. No matter what happens, your data is safe and recoverable.

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Virtual Machines

Virtual machines run operating systems and new software separate from your PC, so we can try out upgrades to your IT environment in a safe way. Implementing a virtual environment successfully with Azure means making significant savings in server power consumption while gaining more flexibility for your business.

Cloud Services

Access Management

With a single sign on to the cloud and on-premises web app, Azure ensures that only those who should have access get access. Azure provides a Multi-Factor Authentication service that connects with on-premises integrations and can be tested by users to ensure security measures are always robust.

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Azure Storage

As a subscription service, you only pay for the data you use. Start small and increase as your business grows. You can quickly reduce storage levels without affecting productivity if you need to. As experts in Microsoft Azure, we will ensure you won’t waste time or money on your Azure infrastructure.

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Cloud Security

Microsoft understands the importance of cloud security. With a wide array of security tools, Azure provides advanced protection in the cloud. We’ll take care of the complex security settings and keep your business safe with fast response times, cutting-edge technology upgrades, management and delivery.

Microsoft Azure FAQs

What is Microsoft Azure Used For?

Azure is a secure cloud platform that can be configured to suit your specific business requirements. Azure can be used for various purposes. These include analytics, virtual computing, networking, storage and application hosting.

Is Azure Public or Private Cloud?

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud platform. This means that it is hosted in a third-party data centre. Hosting on a public cloud doesn’t mean that your data is not secure. When Azure is configured correctly, it is subject to stringent controls. Many large organisations, including financial services, use public cloud technology even for compliance with ISO requirements.

Do I need Microsoft Azure?

If you want to reduce reliance on on-premise servers and all the maintenance and costs that come with them, then you need a cloud solution like Azure. But it’s essential to determine if it best matches your business needs. Our IT technicians will work with you during the initial migration planning phase to ensure Azure is the right solution for you.

“SoConnect has been instrumental in helping us develop an IT Strategy which has allowed Prescient to rapidly expand in all its global locations in a safe yet scalable fashion. The results were outstanding from day one.”
Nick Denison-Pender
Prescient Healthcare Group

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