Get dedicated internet with EFM

Ethernet First Mile is a cloud-ready, exclusive internet connection for your business.

Fast and reliable internet for your business, exclusively yours

EFM (Ethernet First Mile) is a high-speed, dedicated internet connection ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Ethernet First Mile is a perfect alternative to an Ethernet Leased Line, where full-fibre ethernet is not available or is too expensive to install. With EFM, you get all the advantages of Full Fibre Ethernet without the investment costs.

So keep your speeds up and your costs down. You’ll receive a dedicated, uncontended connection with symmetrical upload and download speeds up to 20Mbps.

Internet that's just yours

EFM means you’ll never share bandwidth with any other internet user.

What is EFM and how does it work? 

​​Ethernet First Mile is an affordable way to deliver a dedicated line to your business with identical download and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps.
The connection is solely for the use of your business, meaning you won’t have to worry about competing for bandwidth at peak times with other internet users.

The name’s Bond, EFM Bond-(ed).

EFM works by bonding multiple connections and sending electrical signals over voice-grade electrical wires. Our packages come in 2 bonded pairs (dual) or 4 bonded pairs (quad). The data travels to and from a building via the local telephone exchange. Providers routinely connect two to four circuits, multiplying the available bandwidth. Effectively giving you a service equivalent to an ethernet service.

 EFM brings big business benefits for less

High speed

Ethernet First Mile delivers consistently high speeds and a symmetrical connection. This means you will achieve the same high speeds in uploads as downloads. Up to 20Mbps each way. You won’t have to wait for an age to upload that critical file into your network. That’s because you’ll have a seamless connection.

Cut costs

EFM gives more bandwidth for your buck. Suitable if you need a better connection than standard broadband provides, but you’re put off by the price of a Fibre Leased Line. Ethernet First Mile is a reliable solution that delivers effective, fast internet -just at a more reasonable cost.

Low latency

EFM has much lower latency than standard broadband connections. Latency is the delay between data being sent and data being received. The shorter this delay, the better. It means that working practices such as instant messaging, video conferencing, VoIP phone systems and remote working capabilities are all improved.

Always connected

Reliability is the name of the game when it comes to business connectivity. EFM offers you peace of mind with guaranteed network availability at 99.95% up-time, and it’s backed by our 6-hour fix Service Level Agreement. Don’t settle for less. Find out if it is available in your area.

IS EFM right for my business?

Growing team

With symmetrical speeds of up to 20Mb, Ethernet First Mile can easily support VoIP systems and hosted services for small to medium businesses. This means you have the bandwidth to support a growing team.

Dedicated internet

EFM delivers a 1:1 dedicated connection straight to your premises. You’ll never have to share your bandwidth with any other business or internet user. This gives consistent uptime for companies tired of interrupted connections and inconsistent speeds.

Real-time processing

Ethernet First Mile offers symmetrical upload & download speeds, ideal for businesses sharing large amounts of data. Low latency means it is also excellent for real-time processes, such as video calls and instant messaging.

Built-in resilience

Boost your business’ resilience with a guaranteed 99.95% up-time backed by our 6-hour fix time. Even if a component line fails, you have more to back it up, and EFM will continue to deliver a connection to your business.

Our EFM Packages


Is EFM the same as a Leased Line?

EFM and Leased lines are not the same. Knowing the difference means you can make the best decision for your business. Although both are dedicated internet connections, Leased Lines offer faster speeds and quicker fix times than EFM. However, EFM is more widely available, covering 80% of the UK. Leased lines are best suited to data-heavy businesses that need scalability. If up 20Mbps is fast enough for you, EFM is a much more affordable option.

What are the delivery times for EFM?

EFM takes around 45 days to install. This is much quicker than other dedicated internet connections, such as Leased Line, where you are looking at much longer lead times. This is because the copper infrastructure is already in place, where a high-speed fibre line might need to be laid underground. 

Is EFM available everywhere?

EFM is widely available across the UK  – in around 80% of the country. This is good news for businesses looking for a fast and reliable service. Businesses in very rural areas might not be able to get EFM, but can look at Leased Line instead. 

We moved our voice and data services for four remote wind farms and operations base from a well known UK supplier to SoConnect. Commercial and technical support is a breath of fresh air compared to our previous experience, and prices remain competitive. Thank you, SoConnect!

Martin Elliot
Cannock Wind Farms

“SoConnect provided a cost-effective solution to bring a leased line direct to the office. That solution enabled us to move to a credible MS Teams solution replacing the VOIP service (by others) that was no longer fit for purpose. SoConnect provides effective project management and competitive data services to us. They have a friendly team that is flexible and proactive in its approach to service delivery.”

Martin Elliot
BVG Associates Ltd

“SoConnect provided an upgraded 100Mb/100MbLeased Line with a cost saving. SoConnect have also been able to propose suitable connectivity in Dundee and Edinburgh so we could invest in Horizon VoIP and facilitate better collaboration between staff and sites across Scotland and England.”

Nadine Reilly
Thorntons Investments Ltd

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