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Seamless communication on the move with our great value mobile phones and mobile broadband plans.

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Perfectly matched mobile plans for businesses on the go

We’ve partnered with the UK’s leading mobile providers to offer reliable business mobile services for professionals on the go. Together with our personalised support, SoConnect can provide your business with a mobile solution that fits your exact requirements.

Choosing the right mobile handset to suit your business needs can be challenging. So, our expert team will match your needs to the best-suited mobile device as part of our service. So you’ll get the mobile phone features you need and the right business mobile plan to keep you connected on the move.

Mobile business

The right phones and devices with business-grade plans to keep your staff connected, in or out the office.

Go further with a Business Mobile plan

Keep in contact

Business mobiles will keep employees in contact, whether in or out of the office. Mobile phones connect your team, allowing them to always be focused, reachable, organized, and up-to-date on business operations.

Go international

Mobile phones enable you to be in contact with clients across the globe. With that time difference, it’s better to call from home on a business phone rather than wait in the office out-of-hours. Also, if travelling internationally, you are reachable on the same number and phone.

Connected on the go

Mobile internet means you can forget about the horror of no Wi-Fi areas. Having access to the internet on the move can be invaluable to working professionals. Reply to that vital email on the train, and save time on your commute.

Boost morale

When staff need to use their own device for work, it can cause disruption to their personal life. Out of hours work calls and emails pinging – any time of the night. With their own business mobile, they’ll get their work-life balance back. A business perk to boost morale!

Why choose SoConnect for Business Mobile?

Service Expertise

All voice products come with dedicated customer service, which means fast, expert support for all of our Business Mobile packages. We have also partnered with five leading mobile providers for a reliable UK-wide service.

Tailored and Flexible

You can choose a contract length with the data, minutes, texts and device you need. Your Account Manager will help you tailor a perfect package for you. We’ll also regularly review your tariff to ensure you get the most out of your mobile plan.

Next Day Delivery

Business Mobile packages come with next working day delivery for handsets and iPads and same day connection if you have a SIM card. This means that you can start making the most out of your business mobile package right away.

Our Business Mobile Products

Phones and Tablets

Choose the latest handsets from the most popular brands – Apple, Samsung, Google and more. We can provide new and refurbished devices and lease options if you need more flexibility.

Mobile Data Broadband

More employees than ever are working from home. It’s not ideal if they have a poor internet connection. Give them fast and reliable mobile broadband with a 4G dongle for a laptop or a 4G/5G SIM for a tablet.

SIM only tariff deals

Happy with your existing phone? Save money with a great-value SIM-only plan and tariff only deals. Get all the calls, texts and data your employees need without the hassle of changing phones.

Tariffs and Bolt-ons

We have a wide range of plans to suit your business. Choose from either a pay monthly or pay as you go plan with all of the data, calls & texts you need, then add any extras like international roaming plans.

Business Mobile Packages

Business Mobile FAQs

Will my phone work abroad?

Yes, you can send and receive calls, texts, and picture messages almost anywhere abroad. If you plan on using your mobile abroad frequently, we can advise on the best tariff bolt-ons to keep costs down.

How do I get my PAC code?

If you want to keep your number, we might ask you for your PAC code. You can get your PAC code online if you have an online account with your current supplier. If not, call your existing supplier and ask them to send the code. It usually takes up to 48 hours to receive the code.

Why shouldn't I buy a mobile plan directly with a network?

Choosing SoConnect for your Business Mobiles means you benefit from our experience in the industry. You’ll also have access to quicker and more reliable support than you might find with the big-scale networks.
We’ll work closely with all the networks to offer many packages, which gives you a wider choice when selecting a plan to suit your business.

“In SoConnect we found a partner who took the time to understand our business requirements.”

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