Sleep soundly under our cyber-security blanket

SoConnect’s cyber security services have you covered.

We stop around 99% of common cyber attacks. We’re basically The Avengers, but for IT.

You might think your business has got it covered when it comes to cyber risk mitigation, or that nobody would target you, but it’s not just the big dogs that need to worry about cyber security. In fact, four in ten UK businesses suffer at least one breach every year, and five percent of those end up losing money, data, or other assets. The average cost of which is around £8,460.

But from hackers hacking you off to employees pressing the big red button, we provide all kinds of IT cyber security so you don’t get caught out.

What are the most common types of cyber threats?

Phishing attacks

Phishing Attacks

Impersonation Scams, Cyber

Impersonation Scams

Cyber, malware and virus

Virus, Malware etc

Bulletproof Cyber Security with SoConnect

Cyber Security, Services


Give customers and prospects confidence in your attention to cyber security. The five fundamental security controls implemented through Cyber Essentials keep your customer data safe and secure, avoiding costly fines and penalties.

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Cyber Security, Services

Back Up & Disaster Recovery

Our cloud backup solution gives your business the tools to replicate your system, applications, and data in the cloud. Located remotely, it is an automated backup service, removing the need for internal IT staff to manage the solution.

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Cyber Security, Services


Let our experts examine and assess your current information security system, and tell you where you need to improve. We’ll hunt down vulnerabilities and cyber risks like a security-obsessed sniffer dog and offer advice on how to plug any leaks.

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Cyber Security, Services


A lot of the time, the weakest link in the chain of cyber-safety is untrained staff. We carry out education of your workforce on how to spot cyber security threats, how to deal with them, and how to keep your business safe.

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For the absolute best in cyber security services, no matter where you’re at, choose SoConnect.


What makes SoConnect’s IT cyber security so special?

On top and on-demand

We’re constantly on alert and available to help. And when we say constant, we mean it, because our experts are on-call 24/7, 365 days a year.

Cyber Security, Services

In the cloud and on the ground

Whether it’s approved, dedicated hardware or advanced cloud storage with permission-based access, we alleviate all your fears of data leaks, loss, and non-compliance.

Cyber Security, Services

Ahead of threats

SoConnect learns every potential weakness and risk lying within your set-up. This means we know what to expect and can provide simple steps to mitigate potential issues.

Delivering huge impact

The Lines Between

Thanks to proactive account management and precise project implementation, The Lines Between's transition to next-level IT with SoConnect was seamless.

Jetty Technologies

A new client with 154 employees needed a contact centre solution. The catch? All these employees were remote, and the window for deployment was a mere six weeks.

Redpath Bruce Co. Ltd

With an increasing portfolio and a growing team, Redpath Bruce needed to take the strain away from IT. They needed a scalable strategy to streamline communications and prioritise productivity without sacrificing security.

Scotia Homes

To keep up with their growing portfolio, Scotia Homes needed better communication between sites, both permanent and temporary.

“The team at SoConnect are incredibly helpful, efficient and forthcoming with new ideas and improvements to benefit our business. 10/10!

David Nears
Redpath Bruce Co. Ltd.

Very responsive, and thorough with providing support and documentation that I had requested. Keep up the great work, Robin is a great asset to your organisation.

Brian Cornatzer
Halliday Lighting Ltd

James dealt with our issue very quickly and he knew what the issue was and fixed it. He then called to make sure all was well. Excellent service!

Ewan Nicolson
George Nicolson Decorators Ltd

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