EoFTTC – Ethernet over FTTC

Affordable ethernet internet with guaranteed bandwidth.

EoFTTC: Entry-level ethernet with superfast broadband

Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet (EoFTTC) is a service that bridges the gap between broadband services and dedicated ethernet. It’s ethernet but over the fibre broadband infrastructure, meaning you get the same superfast speeds as FTTC, but you won’t share bandwidth.

EoFTTC is cheaper and quicker to install than other ethernet products and is available just about anywhere in the UK. So you won’t have to wait around for great internet.

Low cost ethernet

All the same advantages as ethernet, but pay up to 40% less.

How does EoFTTC work

What is EoFTTC?

​​EoFTTC is an entry-level ethernet solution delivered over the fibre broadband infrastructure. It gives you better reliability and faster speeds than standard broadband.

How does it work?

Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet is delivered via copper lines from your office to a roadside cabinet, a short distance away. Unlike standard broadband, it travels to the exchange on a fibre optic cable. Although the internet traffic travels on a shared fibre line, it gets up to 20Mbps symmetrical speeds. That’s with a boosted download bandwidth of 80Mbps. Other traffic is minimised or non-existent, making EoFTTC an Ethernet service without the cost.

What EoFTTC can bring to your business

Dedicated bandwidth

When you choose EoFTTC you get dedicated bandwidth with guarenteed speeds of 20Mb upload and download, and a boost of up to 80Mb download. 

Always supported

Ethernet over FTTC is backed by our comprehensive SLAs. That means an 8-hour fix time, and premium support services unavailable with standard broadband connections.

Low cost ethernet

If full fibre ethernet is not available in your area, or is too expensive, EoFTTC is a great alternative. It’s up to 40% cheaper than Ethernet over Fibre.

Work in the cloud

More businesses than ever are enjoying the benefits of cloud computing. EoFTTC has the bandwidth  needed to streamline your processes and get your team collaborating better.

Is EoFTTC right for my business?

Stay connected

Our packages come with a committed 8-hour fault fix time and performance alerts. Even if there is a problem with your connection, we’ll have you back up and running in no time.

Fast install

Ethernet over FTTC connections can be delivered within 15 days. This makes it the fastest installed ethernet solution out there. This also means upgrading your business’s data connection is quick and easy.

Seamless Applications

EoFTTC is perfect for business applications such as voice and video. Essential applications for almost all companies. You can be sure your new data service will benefit every area of your business.

Maximise productivity

Provide employees with quick and reliable access to the critical files and applications they need so that your business can perform at optimum levels of efficiency.

EoFTTC Pricing


I have FTTC (or Fibre Broadband). Can I upgrade to EoFTTC?

If your business already has an FTTC connection, upgrading to EoFTTC is quick and cost-effective. That’s because the physical infrastructure required is already in place. Unlike EFM and Ethernet over Fibre, EoFTTC offers a super-fast lead-time of around 15 working days.

Can I get EoFTTC if I don't already have FTTC?

No problem. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll do a quick check to see if you are eligible for Fibre Broadband. Fibre infrastructure is widely available in the UK but not everywhere. So even if you can’t yet receive FTTC, we’ll discuss other options to tide you over until it is available in your area.

What’s the price difference between Fibre Broadband FTTC and EoFTTC?

EoFTTC does mean an increase in cost because it is a dedicated connection. However, the increase is not as significant as you think. SoConnect Fibre Broadband (FTTC) services start at £29.95 per month, with EoFTTC starting at £95. This represents a 40% cost saving compared with other Ethernet services like Leased Line and EFM.

We moved our voice and data services for four remote wind farms and operations base from a well known UK supplier to SoConnect. Commercial and technical support is a breath of fresh air compared to our previous experience, and prices remain competitive. Thank you, SoConnect!

Martin Elliot
Cannock Wind Farms

“SoConnect provided a cost-effective solution to bring a leased line direct to the office. That solution enabled us to move to a credible MS Teams solution replacing the VOIP service (by others) that was no longer fit for purpose. SoConnect provides effective project management and competitive data services to us. They have a friendly team that is flexible and proactive in its approach to service delivery.”

Martin Elliot
BVG Associates Ltd

“SoConnect provided an upgraded 100Mb/100MbLeased Line with a cost saving. SoConnect have also been able to propose suitable connectivity in Dundee and Edinburgh so we could invest in Horizon VoIP and facilitate better collaboration between staff and sites across Scotland and England.”

Nadine Reilly
Thorntons Investments Ltd

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