Seamless telecoms with Hosted Horizon

A cloud-based VoIP phone system for your business.

A disaster recovery plan

​​Hosted Horizon: a clever phone system for your modern business

Hosted Horizon is a business telephone service that resides in the cloud rather than your office. It provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities. With an easy-to-use web portal, you’ll take control of your telephony.

Because Hosted Horizon is a VoIP phone system, you won’t need a phone line. Just a suitable internet connection. You’ll also reduce costs with a per-user monthly subscription fee and no expensive on-site equipment required. Horizon goes beyond traditional business telecoms, with extensive features to customise call handling and the flexibility to use it from anywhere.

Smarter working

Horizon’s features can improve collaboration, agility, security and effieciency.

 Hosted Horizon brings big benefits for business

Take more control

With an extensive range of call handling and management features, Horizon lets you take control of your telephony. You can manage it all in an easy-to-use portal or even get us to handle it for you in precisely the way you want.

Enable hybrid working

Horizon uses cloud technology. This means you can take and make calls anywhere, and you don’t even need a handset. You can call from your computer or mobile device. These features make hybrid working seamless. Your staff will use the same phone system in the office or at home (or on the bus).

Improve customer service

Enhance the service you can provide to your customers with dynamic call handling, pre-recorded messages and seamless transfers at the touch of a button. You’ll have a professional phone system to impress your clientele.

Full training and free trials

We know that taking on a brand new system can be challenging. That’s why we provide full support, including training for your team. We are experts in all things telecoms, so you’ll have complete confidence in your new phone system. If you’re still unsure, take advantage of our free 30-day trial.

Next generation VoIP features with Hosted Horizon

Work better together

Horizon helps your team work together with features that support the call management across teams and departments. With Hunt groups, you can seamlessly distribute and allocate calls to customised groups and departments. Transfer, park and group calls for slick and professional telephony.

Enable flexibility

As a cloud-based phone system, you can make and answer calls anywhere. All you need is a device and an internet connection. This allows greater flexibility for your workforce. You’ll never miss a call with sequential ringing call plans – if sales can’t pick it up, the customer service team will.

Always secure

 You can be sure of tight security with any solution we provide. Horizon is no different. Access to a detailed call history lets you view calls made, received and missed for compliance tracking. While barring unapproved call types and controlled phone access keeps you protected, always.

Ramp up efficiency

Efficient working is guaranteed with Horizon. There are a host of features to streamline your calls. Speed dialling makes repeat calling convenient. While a company directory plus presence ensures that any team member can quickly find the right colleague and see if they are available to take the call.

Why choose SoConnect for your cloud telephony

Telecoms Experts

You will benefit from our years of diverse experience and up-to-date knowledge of telecoms solutions. Since 2011, our team has delivered next gen telephony for our customers. No matter the size of your business, we can find the solution for you.

Free Trial

If you are new to Hosted Horizon and are unsure if its the right service for you, we can help. With a free no-obligation 30 day trial on all of our packages, you’ll see the benefits first hand. That way, you can make an informed choice about your future telecoms package.

Flexible Contracts

As a subscription based service, we can offer flexible contract lengths to suit your needs. From 3 months to 3 years, it’s up to you. Though, if you choose a 3-year package, you’ll benefit from reduced monthly fees and FREE Polycom handsets. What are you waiting for?

Work better together with Horizon Collaborate

Horizon Collaborate enhances your phone system to make it even more collaborative. It offers instant messaging, video calling, and document sharing. Your staff can access business information and collaborate from any device, wherever they are.

Because it’s fully integrated Hosted Horizon, it supports all the same features. Horizon Collaborate brings your phone system together with extra collaboration features to fully unify your business communications.

Hosted Horizon FAQs

How much does Hosted Horizon cost?

Horizon is a subscription service, which means you will pay a monthly fee per user. Packages start at £12.95 per user. We can also provide compatible phone handsets if required – for free on a 3-year deal. Contact our team for a free quote, and find out how much you can save.

Can I keep my current number?

Yes, we can port your existing number(s) into the Horizon system. A number port is when your numbers are moved from an existing network to the Horizon system. Depending on the order type, the lead time is 10-20 working days. The port is often scheduled shortly after the Horizon installation to minimise risk and avoid downtime. A Project Manager will be on hand to guide you through the process.

Will I need to give notice to my existing supplier?

Your existing supplier will receive a notification when we attempt to port your number(s). However, we recommend you contact them in advance to advise of your intent to move to another telecoms supplier.

SoConnect provided EFM connectivity in our Dundee and Edinburgh offices, so we could invest in Horizon VoIP and facilitate better collaboration between staff and sites across Scotland and England.

Nadine Reilly
Thorntons Investments Ltd

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