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Business-grade broadband with a new or existing phone line.

Business Broadband

​​Business Broadband for your small or medium enterprise

​​Business broadband is an entry-level internet solution. It’s ideal for companies with up to 10 employees. If all you require is a basic, affordable package that gets your business online, that’s business broadband. With speeds up to 24Mbps, it’s similar to residential broadband. But there’s one difference. Your internet connection is prioritised. This means that your internet remains unaffected even when the whole street is online.

Because your internet won’t slow down during peak times, business runs smoothly, all day. Our team has years of experience in broadband, and we’ll find the perfect internet solution for you.

Find your perfect match

We match the broadband solutions to your business, so that you get perfect connectivity.

The PSTN Switch Off is coming… Are you ready for it?

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In 2025, BT will be shutting off their ISDN and PSTN services. They simply don’t fit the bill like they once did. Business Broadband services like DSL and FTTC rely on these technologies to work. 

This means a forced migration will take place between April and December 2025 unless you have an alternative such as FTTP, SOGEA or a Leased Line.

What business broadband can do for you

Faster speeds

If your business uploads files or syncs online data, you need decent upload and download speeds. Faster broadband is also essential when several employees use it at once. Business broadband offers faster speeds when compared to residential.

Unrivaled reliability

Our broadband services are available 99% of the time. And with Proactive Monitoring over all our connections, we do everything we can to minimise any problems arising. You can count on business-level SLAs to quickly resolve any issue if they do..

Low-cost connection

As an entry-level solution, you’ll get outstanding value. It’s ideal for home-workers or small businesses needing basic, cost-effective internet access. You can even package your broadband service with calls for even more savings.

Dedicated support

Outages can be a headache for any business. Downtime can be outright harmful when you rely on internet and phone line access. When you choose our connectivity solutions, you can rely on dedicated support from our team, plus priority fix times over the residential lines.

How does Business Broadband work?

Business Broadband is delivered over a fixed copper line, from the telephone exchange to your premises via a roadside cabinet. Residential and business broadband customers both benefit from speeds of at least 24Mbps. But with a business connection, you get so much more, including enhanced customer support, service guarantees and prioritised traffic.

Telephone Exchange

The telephone exchange consists of a central office that provides the local exchange service. This is where your connection travels to and from to get you online.

Your Home or Office

Your internet connection is delivered using the phone lines that connect your property to the cabinet. When the service is switched on, you can get online.

Roadside Cabinet

Connected to the telephone exchange, the green cabinets on the roadside are integral. Managed by Openreach, it’s where engineers install lines and switch on data services.

Get the best out of Business Broadband features


SoConnect’s Broadband packages come in a range of different speeds to suit your business. This means that you can easily upgrade your connection according to your business’ growth.


Business Broadband’s low-cost installation and monthly fees make it the ideal service for small or home office businesses. Perfect if you want business-grade internet without breaking the bank.

Easy upgrade

FTTC services are becoming more and more widespread throughout the UK. That’s why we make sure our Broadband services can be upgraded to Fibre as soon as it becomes available in your area.

Our Business Broadband Deals

Business Broadband is our starting package connecting up to 10 users. You’ll get unlimited data usage as standard, so you don’t need to worry about going over! If you need faster speeds or want to do more with your internet, then our fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) solution might be better for you.

Business Broadband FAQs

Does VoIP work with Business Broadband?

If you need to use your internet connection for VoIP, web video conferencing, or run a lot of cloud-based applications, we recommend fibre broadband. Find out more about our fibre broadband solutions here.

How reliable is Business Broadband?

Our Business Broadband is available 99% of the time, on average. With Proactive Monitoring over all our connections, we’ll do everything we can to minimise any problems.

What Business Broadband Packages are available?

SoConnect has many packages available to meet your business needs, starting at £19.95 per month.

“SoConnect provided a cost-effective solution to bring a leased line direct to the office. That solution enabled us to move to a credible MS Teams solution replacing the VOIP service (by others) that was no longer fit for purpose. SoConnect provides effective project management and competitive data services to us. They have a friendly team that is flexible and proactive in its approach to service delivery.”

Martin Elliot
BVG Associates Ltd

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