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IT Support FAQs

What resolution times can we expect?

At SoConnect, we have clear SLA targets based on the type of request. All tickets are assigned a priority level between 1 and 6, depending on their impact on your work. We aim to get your request solved in as short a time as possible.

Can you support my team working in multiple locations?

Yes. With our remote support capabilities and cloud software, we can support your team wherever they are working. We have clients with employees based worldwide (from Hong Kong to New Jersey). If required, we can be on hand day or night. We are a UK based IT support business with a global reach.

What type of IT Projects can you help with?

Our expertise spans both IT and communications. That means we can help with a wide range of projects across IT, telecoms, connectivity, migrations, unified communications, installs, upgrades – and so much more..

What are your industry accreditations?

We are always learning and making sure that our team are the best in the business. That’s why our project managers are all PRINCE2 certified professionals. We are also a Microsoft Silver Cloud Partner, Cyber Essentials and ISO9001 certified. Our team has a wealth of IT knowledge and skills at our disposal to make your next IT project the best one yet.

I want to leave my IT provider, but I'm in a contract.

If you are in the middle of an IT support contract and want to leave early, there are a couple of things you should check:

  • Are you tied into the contract for 12 months?
  • What notice period are you required to serve?
  • Is there a clause in which you can terminate the contract early? This will usually be down to poor service or continually missing SLAs.

All MSPs have different contracts, so it’s best to check directly with your IT provider.

Cyber Security FAQs

How quickly can I be Cyber Essentials certified?

Certification can be as quick as 24 hours. We always do our best to get the results back to organisations as quickly as possible. IASME (the certification body) usually takes 1 – 3 working days from submitting your assessment. If you need it quicker, please let us know, we can try to fast-track your assessment.

Why do I need a Cyber Security Audit?

Security Audits help your business become more focused on the highest risk to your company. An audit will show you where you need to improve security and how you can make changes. Knowledge is power when it comes to fighting against cybercrime, and you’ll feel safer knowing exactly where your vulnerabilities are.

How often should a security audit be performed?

A cyber security audit can only provide a snapshot of system vulnerabilities at a particular point in time. It is inevitable that as technology changes, regular reviews will be required. We would recommend that a business conducts a security audit annually or bi-annually, depending on circumstances and risk.

I trust my staff with cyber security. Why do they need extra training?

A Verizon study in 2021 found that 85% of data breaches involve a human element. These breaches are not always intentional. In fact, 62% are down to negligence rather than malicious intent. This means that trusting your team to do the right thing might not be optimal.

Instead, give them access to a training program that keeps their knowledge consistent and your team on guard. This will prevent more negligent breaches than simply doing nothing.

What goes into creating a disaster recovery plan?

We begin by assuming the worst-case scenario and then outline a plan to avoid disaster for your business. We will discuss your current situation and make recommendations. You will have a robust disaster recovery plan for any scenario.We’ll ask questions such as:

  • Which systems are essential to your business?
  • How long can you go without access to specific equipment?
  • Where do you currently store your business files?
  • What are your recovery objectives?

Questions like these help us formulate an action plan that puts you in control of your business continuity.

Cloud Services FAQs

What’s the difference between Microsoft and Office 365 plans?

Microsoft 365 includes all the applications you would usually expect with Office. However, with Microsoft, you can use your Office applications any time, anywhere and on any device.

Are my conversations and files shared in Microsoft Teams secure?

Yes. Because Teams is built within Microsoft’s enterprise-grade cloud, it is delivered with advanced security and compliance. Your data is encrypted both in transit and in storage.

Does my team need SharePoint training to use it?

It is recommended that users undergo training so your business can get the most out of Microsoft SharePoint. Training ensures that users have the proper knowledge to share documents, configure team sites, develop apps or customise workflows. Our technical team has expertise in Microsoft products. So we will ensure your team has the appropriate training as part of the onboarding process.

Do I need Microsoft Azure?

If you want to reduce reliance on on-premise servers and all the maintenance and costs that come with them, then you need a cloud solution like Azure. But it’s essential to determine if it best matches your business needs. Our IT technicians will work with you during the initial migration planning phase to ensure Azure is the right solution for you.

Will Microsoft Intune compromise the privacy of employees' personal information on their devices?

No personal data is captured or monitored by Intune. The Intune app always keep personal and corporate data separate. It is designed to protect company information, such as Outlook business email and Sharepoint data. Your company will only have the authority to restrict or remove corporate data.

Business Internet FAQs

Can I get FTTP in my area?

Openreach continues to carry out widespread work to get the UK full-fibre ready. But, FTTP is not within reach for everyone. Register your interest today, and we can check what services are available in your area. If you are interested but it’s not available, we will keep checking and notify you when it is.

Does VoIP work with Business Broadband (DSL)?

If you need to use your internet connection for VoIP, web video conferencing, or run a lot of cloud-based applications, we recommend fibre broadband. Find out more about our fibre broadband solutions here.

Why should I choose Leased Line over EFM?

Leased Line offers more flexibility than EFM as services can easily be re-graded during the contract term. The only cost involved when upgrading the Leased Line connection is a corresponding increase in rentals and a possible router upgrade if required. Leased Line is a genuinely bespoke connectivity service, and we can also customise your service. EFM, however, is restricted to the speed the local network can offer.

I have FTTC (or Fibre Broadband). Can I upgrade to EoFTTC?

If your business already has an FTTC connection, upgrading to EoFTTC is quick and cost-effective. That’s because the physical infrastructure required is already in place. Unlike EFM and Ethernet over Fibre, EoFTTC offers a super-fast lead-time of around 15 working days.

Why do I need to upgrade my broadband to SoGEA now?

In 2017, BT Openreach announced that their entire traditional copper phone line network would cease by December 2025. The migration of PSTN and ISDN networks has already started. Several regional ‘stop sell dates’ (the dates after which providers will no longer be able to obtain the supply of analogue services) began in June 2021, with the final national ‘stop sell’ date in September 2023.

Waiting until the very last minute might mean disruption for your business, so we recommend you look to future proof your voice and connectivity solutions now.

Telecoms FAQs

What's included with Microsoft Phone System?

Microsoft Phone System gives you all the features of an enterprise-grade phone system. You can make and receive any call, set out-of-office and holiday messages, transfer and hold calls, and much more. What’s more, you can migrate any existing phone numbers and generate as many new ones as you need.

What's the difference between Teams Direct Routing and the Microsoft Phone System?

Microsoft Phone System comes with a standard solution for making calls on Teams. However, Microsoft calling plans can be expensive, with little opportunity to tailor your call plan. Teams Direct Routing offers the same ability to make calls, but through a 3rd party provider. This means you can make significant savings on call tariffs.

Can I keep my current number if I transfer to Hosted Horizon?

Yes, we can port your existing number(s) into the Horizon system. A number port is when your numbers are moved from an existing network to the Horizon system. Depending on the order type, the lead time is 10-20 working days. The port is often scheduled shortly after the Horizon installation to minimise risk and avoid downtime. A Project Manager will be on hand to guide you through the process.

What is a cloud call centre?

A cloud-based call centre is hosted on the internet, with no on-premise infrastructure. This technology uses VoIP telephony to provide greater flexibility in managing inbound and outbound calls.

Why shouldn't I buy a business mobile plan directly with a network?

Choosing SoConnect for your Business Mobiles means you benefit from our experience in the industry. You’ll also have access to quicker and more reliable support than you might find with the big-scale networks.
We’ll work closely with all the networks to offer many packages, which gives you a wider choice when selecting a plan to suit your business.

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