Homeworker and Mobile Broadband

Beat the competition with business-grade broadband for your remote team.

Homeworker and mobile broadband

Fast, reliable internet, even when you’re working from home

Why get homeworker & mobile broadband? Working from home can be challenging with a dodgy internet connection. Residential internet was not built for the excesses of business. It’s not fast, reliable or secure enough to handle it. So give the poor residential connections a rest, and invest in great value, business-grade home broadband for your entire remote team.

SoConnect only caters for the business market, so we know exactly what your team needs to boost productivity. Say goodbye to frozen video calls and hello to speeds of up to 80Mbps, better reliability and best-of-breed support.

Homeworking is here to stay

Ensure maximum success with homeworker and mobile broadband.

Homeworker Broadband for a succesful hybrid working machine

Clear audio and video

With our business-grade internet at home, your remote workers will enjoy uninterrupted audio and video for those important Teams meetings. Better broadband for your at-home working team makes collaboration with the office a breeze. Save the time and money lost to missed calls and misunderstood meetings.

Less downtime

Here’s a secret: business SLAs are superior to residential SLAs. Shhh. This means that if something goes wrong, your team member won’t be at the back of the queue when it comes to service support. There is no downtime, just considerable uptime; business broadband at home keeps your team working

Powered productivity

If remote workers don’t have the bandwidth, there is no point in investing in productivity-boosting software. Laggy software will just slow them down. Providing your team with the tools needed to succeed starts with connectivity. Our homeworker broadband packages will power productivity wherever your team works.

Our Homeworker Broadband Packages

​Find an affordable homeworker broadband deal to power your remote working team.

Mobile broadband for business on the go

Mobile Broadband is an ideal option if you have poor broadband speeds or you want to be connected to 4G & 5G networks on the go. It’s a secure, fast and easy way to access the internet on the move. We work with the top networks to give you great-value deals. Choose data-only SIMs or all of the latest mobile broadband devices, including dongles, portable mini routers and high-speed WiFi routers.

Work from anywhere

When you are working on the move, you need to stay connected wherever you go. With business mobile broadband, keep working even if there’s no WiFi. Connect your laptop via a dongle or data SIM, and there’s no stopping you.

More flexible & faster than DSL

Yes. That’s right. That small data sim will get you downloading faster than the metres of copper cable leading from the roadside cabinet. It’s more flexible too! Many data plans can be upgraded and downgraded when the need arises.

Banish the rural blues

Those hills might look pretty through the window, but they cause mayhem for getting fast and reliable broadband. Mobile business broadband enables homeworkers with poor quality internet to connect any device quickly, efficiently and securely.

Mobile broadband options


Data SIMs

Our wide range of data sim plans will get you connected over 4G or 5G at home or on the move. Use our sims for mobiles, tablets, dongles or routers. There’s no need to worry about running out of data; we offer unlimited plans, shared data bundles, or capped plans.

Mobile WiFi

It’s easy to connect up to 10 devices to a Mobile WiFi router or use a dongle connected to your laptop for fast and reliable internet. Use these handy devices in the house or out of the office to get you online safely and reliably. Giving endless options for where you can do work.


More and more employees are working away from the office, and they must be connected to the internet. Get plug and play WiFi with the GigaCube. This nifty router gives access to speedy 4G & 5G networks and allows you to connect up to 64 devices

Mobile Broadband Pricing

We understand that not everyone has access to fast and reliable broadband at home. Mobile Broadband is the ideal alternative if you have poor broadband speeds or you want to be connected to 4G & 5G networks on the go. Choose a contract length that suits you – 30 days rolling, 12, 18 or 24 months.

Homeworker and Mobile Broadband FAQs

Can I get business broadband for my remote working staff?

If you have employees working from home and lagging behind because of poor internet, then Homeworker business broadband will help. You’ll be an absolute hero by giving them the tools needed to do their jobs properly. They will also benefit from direct support and business lead times if issues arise.

Can I use a Virtual Private Network for accessing the internet with mobile broadband?

Yes, your mobile broadband device can be used with any VPN. Our team of experts can help you set up. 

Why can't my remote staff use their home internet connections?

While it is acceptable for remote staff to use their own broadband for work, it isn’t an ideal solution in the long term. A plan that offers a faster connection for your remote team member is better. With the security and reliability of a business-grade internet connection, your business will benefit from increased protection and greater productivity.

We moved our voice and data services for four remote wind farms and operations base from a well known UK supplier to SoConnect. Commercial and technical support is a breath of fresh air compared to our previous experience, and prices remain competitive. Thank you, SoConnect!

Martin Elliot
Cannock Wind Farms

“SoConnect provided a cost-effective solution to bring a leased line direct to the office. That solution enabled us to move to a credible MS Teams solution replacing the VOIP service (by others) that was no longer fit for purpose. SoConnect provides effective project management and competitive data services to us. They have a friendly team that is flexible and proactive in its approach to service delivery.”

Martin Elliot
BVG Associates Ltd

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