Reach cloud 9
with SoConnect cloud services

A cloud first approach for ultimate efficiency.

Bring forth a digital transformation in your business with cloud managed services.

Cloud services are key in the modern workplace. If you aren’t taking advantage of the many cloud infrastructure services out there, you’re missing out on boosted efficiency, innovation, and reduced costs.

Sounds like a bit of a no-brainer, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. But you don’t need to worry if your knowledge of clouds comes entirely from looking up. We guide you through everything you need to know to help propel your business into the future and reap the many rewards of cloud computing. Dispelling any uncertainty and concerns, we make everything seem simple so you can move forward freely.

We’re an accredited Microsoft Silver Partner

This means our team are experts when it comes to Microsoft products. Our knowledgeable support team can have your new Microsoft 365 up and running in no time.

Keep an eye on that bank balance

Running your IT infrastructure can cost a pretty penny, but moving over to the cloud almost always means savings for businesses.

Laser vision focus thanks to enhanced efficiency

Moving to the cloud means boosted efficiency thanks to easier communication and collaboration. This leads to quicker decision-making and more focus on productivity.

Collaborate and innovate across your workforce

With improved collaboration across your business, you and your team are freed up to focus on what you do best and not get bogged down in dealing with IT issues.

Our Cloud services

Microsoft, Cloud Services, 365

Microsoft 365

Access for everyone on every device, secure cloud storage, improved communication, predictable costs, business continuity… We could go on, but we’re already pushing the limits of a comma-separated list. The headline is that Microsoft 365 is the bees knees, which is why we use it.

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Microsoft, Cloud Services, Teams

Microsoft Teams

Thanks to a few lockdowns, we all know a thing or two about Microsoft Teams. It’s extremely user-friendly and can make hybrid or remote working an absolute doddle, and you can wear your slippers to work meetings without a disciplinary.

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Microsoft, Cloud Services, Sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint

Keep information streamlined and your storage cloud-based with Microsoft SharePoint. Access everything you need from any device or location, and keep everybody informed so they can make better decisions and meet deadlines with ease.

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Microsoft, Cloud Services, Azure

Microsoft Azure

Integration as deep as space from the view of the cloud, Azure helps you build, deploy, and manage all kinds of applications quickly and easily. With support for all kinds of frameworks, languages, operating systems, and devices, your business can become seamless.

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Microsoft, Cloud Services,Intune

Microsoft Intune

Keep in tune with your team thanks to Microsoft Intune. Allow people in your business to use personal devices to access files without compromising your data in a totally managed mobile environment. This means staff can stay productive while you stay protected.

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Everything just works so you and your team can focus on the task in hand.


What makes SoConnect cloud services so special?

One port of call, Cloud Services

One port of call

Covering every aspect of your IT cloud managed services, our expert team is on call and on top of things, giving you one point of contact for all issues.

Cloud Services, Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner

We don’t like to brag, but we’re pretty close with Microsoft. In fact, we’re an accredited Microsoft Silver Partner, which means we know all there is to know about Microsoft.

Support when you need it

We’re here for you, we really are. It’s why our customer service team is available to chat every hour of the day, every day of the week.

Delivering huge impact


With the team working and collaborating like never before and troubling IT issues a thing of the past, Sunamp can confidently move forward, knowing their business isso seamless, so efficient, and so secure.

The Lines Between

Thanks to proactive account management and precise project implementation, The Lines Between's transition to next-level IT with SoConnect was seamless.

Jetty Technologies

A new client with 154 employees needed a contact centre solution. The catch? All these employees were remote, and the window for deployment was a mere six weeks.

Redpath Bruce Co. Ltd

With an increasing portfolio and a growing team, Redpath Bruce needed to take the strain away from IT. They needed a scalable strategy to streamline communications and prioritise productivity without sacrificing security.

SoConnect helped us strategise a new way to streamline our communications. The introduction of calling in Teams has made a big difference. SoConnect’s team is knowledgeable and friendly and always happy to help.

Chris Caffrey
Bercaf Ltd

“SoConnect has been instrumental in helping us develop an IT Strategy which has allowed Prescient to rapidly expand in all its global locations in a safe yet scalable fashion. The results were outstanding from day one.”

Nick Denison-Pender
Prescient Healthcare Group

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