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Work soundly with our backup and data recovery solutions.

A disaster recovery plan

There should always be a plan B for business continuity

Backup and disaster recovery solutions ensure your business can keep going when things go wrong. If you buy a new house, it’s imperative to get life insurance and home and content insurance. That way, you’re covered should the worst happen.

Protecting your home is a natural and common concept – so why wouldn’t you also protect your business? A multi-layered approach can fight against an increasing cyber security threat. We’ll start with Cyber Security Solutions and combine them with a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan (BDCR).  Ensure your business has backup when you need it most.

We've got your back

Since 2011, we’ve supported businesses with their IT systems. Our team continually learns about the latest technologies to keep you safe.

Protection for every scenario

Forget downtime and lost revenue

Our Disaster Recovery solution will avoid lost business, disastrous fines, and reputation damage for your business. So, you’ll continue to operate in the event of a hardware failure or ransomware attack.

Prevent lost data

Getting lost data back can be stressful and time-sensitive. Our disaster recovery planning means you can immediately access and restore the files you need so your employees can carry on working.

Protect your data wherever it is

We ensure your data is securely protected in a location of your choice. Reducing the threat of compromised files is crucial to a strong backup and recovery solution for your business.

Maintain compliance standards

If you need to collect and preserve critical data for compliance reasons, a strong backup plan will help. That way, you can quickly respond to legal or audit requests.

Backup to the Cloud with SoConnect

Our cloud backup solution gives your business the tools to replicate your system, applications, and data in the cloud. Located remotely, it is an automated backup service, removing the need for internal IT staff to manage the solution. Ideal if you have limited or no in-house IT resources. Replace your large on-premises backup solution with a cloud-based alternative to decrease hardware expenses and ongoing maintenance costs.

Save money, time & resource

Cheaper than maintaining an on-premise backup solution, cloud backup means you won’t need to purchase or maintain hardware or software. Instead, you pay a subscription fee that’s scalable to your requirements.

Access data from anywhere

All you need is an internet-connected device, and you can access backed up data from anywhere, anytime. It’s fast and straightforward to download files from the cloud whenever you need them.

Protect against cyberattacks

If a cybercriminal attacks, your data will be safe. Attackers will try to destroy and compromise stored data and tamper with local backups. Remote cloud backup keeps your data protected.

Disaster Recovery that safeguards your business

Disaster Recovery is a vital process that organisations of all sizes should implement. It ensures the fast recovery of applications, data, and hardware after natural disasters, network and hardware failures, or human errors. An effective plan quickly restores IT assets to ensure business continuity. Disaster Recovery requires planning and resource to carry out the necessary steps. That’s where we can help.

Prevent long-term damage

If disaster strikes and you don’t avoid or reduce long-term damage, you won’t have a business to recover. A complete and well-thought-out disaster recovery plan will prepare you for the worst and reveal your company’s weak spots.

Protect your bottom-line

It’s not uncommon for businesses to face financial ruin after an impactful event. Saving costs is a direct benefit of disaster recovery planning, and it will reveal other possible savings as you scale.

Get an IT Lifeline

A disaster recovery plan will mean that you understand your business’ IT needs better. We’ll suggest the IT solutions that will give you a digital lifeline after any disastrous event. Our solutions will also improve productivity, efficiency and security.

Let SoConnect be your business backup


You can rely on our team to implement automatic backups that restore cloud data no matter what happens: from malicious attacks to employee error. Our in-house technical support team will support you – 24/7.


Since 2011, we’ve supported businesses throughout the UK with their IT systems. Our team is constantly learning about the latest technologies and processes. That’s why we can always guide our customers on best practices.


Keeping you safe is our number one priority. We are a Cyber Essentials certified, ISO9001 registered company. You can be sure that we’re serious about cyber security, no matter the solution we provide to your business.

Backup and disaster recovery FAQs

What goes into creating a disaster recovery plan?

We begin by assuming the worst-case scenario and then outline a plan to avoid disaster for your business. We will discuss your current situation and make recommendations. You will have a robust disaster recovery plan for any scenario.We’ll ask questions such as:

  • Which systems are essential to your business?
  • How long can you go without access to specific equipment?
  • Where do you currently store your business files?
  • What are your recovery objectives?

    Questions like these help us formulate an action plan that puts you in control of your business continuity. 

    How will I know that my backups are working?

    Monitor, monitor and monitor.

    The most common fault with backups is that end-users often assume backups are working but never check. Data loss or corruption can strike at any time. It’s vital to be proactive with your backup status. Our remote monitoring tool will check the status of your backups to ensure you are always protected.

    Will my data be safe?

    When you save your data in the cloud, it stays yours and is accessible at any point, anywhere. With our solutions, all backed up customer data is stored in a highly secure UK-based Tier-IV data centre reinforced by a 99.99% SLA. This means you get peace of mind knowing that your information is safe and can be accessed through a web console at any time.

    “In SoConnect we found a partner who took the time to understand our business requirements.”

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