Cyber awareness training for your entire team

Measure, reduce and monitor cyber risk with user-focused training.

Cyber Awareness Training

A security-savvy workforce with awareness training

There’s no IT solution to eliminate cyber breaches accidentally caused by people. That’s why awareness training is important.
While businesses allocate more time and money than ever to tackle cyber attacks, employee-related security incidents continue to grow. So, it’s time to look at the root cause.

With our automated platform, you’ll evaluate risk, educate your team, and combat future threats. Let’s build your security-savvy workforce and cut your business’ cyber security threat.

Employees cause around 62% of security incidents

Training employees in cyber security awareness is the solution.

Turn your workforce into your top cyber security asset

Drive cyber awareness

Our solution assesses each team member’s knowledge gaps in cyber security. We can use this insight to automate a training program that is personalised to their risk. That means, you’ll save time and engage your team.

Monitor ongoing risk

Ensure your business’s security procedures are followed over time with real-time risk scoring. You’ll receive weekly reports so that you know when to act to reduce exposure to cyber-attacks.

Boost phishing resilience

With automated and regular simulations, you can assess the risk of a damaging email phishing attack. A ready-made library of templates means you can phish in minutes to identify security risks.

Prevent cyber threats with our awareness training


Phishing emails require a human target to click on a link or open an infected attachment, making it a real threat to businesses. These emails are the quickest ways for cybercriminals to get the information needed for fraud or identity theft.


Spear-phishing targets specific users to get the details that grant access to your most sensitive data. These emails could impersonate senior colleagues to trick otherwise on-the-ball staff into giving over data.

Scan and Exploit

Hackers automatically scan for vulnerable areas to find a route for malware. So, there is a heightened risk when IT systems are poorly configured. However, cyber awareness training educates your entire team. This helps to ensure all system vulnerabilities are eradicated.

Drive-by Attack

A ‘drive-by-download’ attack can happen when an employee visits a website controlled by an attacker. As a result, the unsuspecting user downloads malware that infects their device. User training will teach staff how to spot an unsafe website.

Everything you need to tackle your team’s cyber risk

Human error is the one thing that no cyber security solution can prevent. Educating your workforce is key to keeping your business safe. No matter the size of your company, it could be the target of a cyberattack. Hackers count on unprepared small and medium businesses. That’s why we provide a simple, cost-effective training tool that you can use whenever, wherever you are.

Cyber awareness training

Our solution will assess each team member’s knowledge gaps in cyber security. Then we can automate a training program that is personalised to their risk. Saving time and engaging your team.

Simulated phishing software

With automated and regular simulations, you can assess your business’s risk of a damaging phishing attack. With a ready-made library of templates, you can phish in minutes to identify security risks.

Email exposure checker

Identify and safeguard your customers’ exposed email accounts. Our platform will monitor thousands of websites and data forums. Locating exposed email accounts before they can be used for targeted attacks.

Simplified policy management

Keep your staff up to date with proactive policy management software. You’ll have a centralised document library, which is easily managed with audited policy version control.

Calculate, reduce and monitor human cyber risk with user-focused security

Calculate Risk

We’ll shine a light on your organisation’s current employee security posture and generate a free Human Risk Report (HRR) that outlines your Risk Score and a step-by-step action plan.


Reduce Risk

Your staff will be enrolled on a personalised Human Risk Management (HRM) programme, with bite-sized training courses and phishing simulations that strengthen security behaviour.


Monitor Risk

Understand the impact of your HRM programme with regular summary reports that outline training performance, phishing results and your ongoing human risk score.


Cyber Awareness Training FAQs

I have a small team. Why should I consider an automated training portal?

Security awareness training is vital to businesses of all sizes. Awareness training allows your company to protect your sensitive data, secure your premises and network and maintain your business reputation. Using a platform to automate the learning will save time and resources while building a cyber-aware workforce.

Small and medium-sized businesses are a particular target of cybercriminals. They are banking on lax security protocols. Let’s not give them a chance.

I trust my staff to do the right thing. Why do I need extra training?

A Verizon study in 2021 found that 85% of data breaches involve a human element. These breaches are not always intentional. In fact, 62% are down to negligence rather than malicious intent. This means that trusting your team to do the right thing might not be optimal.

Instead, give them access to a training program that keeps their knowledge consistent and your team on guard. This will prevent more negligent breaches than simply doing nothing.

How much time will the awareness platform take to manage?

We can’t stress this point enough – the usecure awareness portal is incredibly admin-lite! Enabling features like AutoEnrol and AutoPhish means that you and ‘set it and forget it’. Training, phishing, policy approvals reporting – everything is designed to save time.

“In SoConnect we found a partner who took the time to understand our business requirements.”

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