With our ebooks you can find out more about our how our services can help your business, or learn about protecting your data with cyber security.

IT Managed Services

Brochure: SoConnect ITMS

eBook: SharePoint Modern Workplace Fundementals

eBook: SoConnect's IT Jargon Buster

Cybersecurity Resources

Infosheet: Moving from AV to EDR

INFOGRAPHIC - Why MDR is Right for Your Business.pdf

Why EDR is Right for Your Business

Infosheet: The Shift from AV to EDR

Guide: When to upgrade to Cyber Essentials Plus

eBook: Cyber Security Awareness For Employees

Report: The 2022 Guide to Reducing Human Cyber Risk

eBook: Guide to a Secure Modern Workplace

eBook: 5 Steps to protect against cyber threats

Guide: Human Risk Management with uSecure

eBook: Microsoft Teams and Business Voice

eBook: Cyber Security and Remote Working.

eBook: Keep your business safe with Microsoft 365

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